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How To Obtain Seed And Fertilizer In Super Mario RPG Remake?

In Super Mario RPG, players can obtain different weapons, items and equipment for their party throughout the gameplay.

The Seed and Fertilizer are unique items for players to get special weapons.

In Super Mario RPG, players can obtain Seed after defeating the Megasmilax Boss. Similarly, to get Fertilizer, the player needs to clear the Nimbus Castle, defeat Valentina’s boss, restore the castle as before and catch the Shy Guy gardener.

Continue reading to know more about the Seed and Fertilizer in Super Mario RPG.

Where To Find The Seed In Super Mario RPG?

Seed in the Super Mario RPG is an everyday item that players can get.

Once players obtain the seed, they can use it to get the Lazy Shell Weapon and Armor.

Furthermore, it is part of the main story, so this item cannot be missed.

However, getting a hand on this item for the first time is somewhat challenging.

Here is the guide to find the Seed in Super Mario RPG:

  1. To get the seed, you have to navigate to the Nimbus Land.
  2. Then, defeat the boss known as Megasmilax.
  3. Once you defeat the boss, Beezo drops the Seed when he runs away.
  4. Hence, you can take the Seed and show it to the gardener in Rose Town.

As you show the Seed to the gardener, he will be taken with amazement. After that, Mario collapsed on the ground.

Then, players can give the Seed to Gardener to get Two Lazy Shells.

A player is giving the Seed to the gardener.
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Where To Find The Fertilizer In Super Mario RPG?

In Super Mario RPG, Fertilizer is also an item a player can obtain.

Furthermore, players need to get the Lazy Shell for the second half of the unique item.

However, this item is hidden, making it challenging for players to find them.

So, here is the guide to find the Fertilizer in Super Mario RPG:

  1. This item is also located in Nimbus Land. However, you cannot get it until you clear the Nimbus Castle.
  2. Furthermore, you must defeat Valentina and restore the castle to its former self. Also, defeat all the enemies in the castle.
  3. Once you have done all that, navigate to the right side of the Nimbus Land.
  4. Now, head to the South along the edge of the cloud border.
  5. Then, you will walk onto an invisible path leading to a shy guy.
  6. Talk to him to get the Fertilizer in exchange for letting him go.

Moreover, you can also purchase it once you first unlock the Fertilizer.

How To Use Seed And Fertilizer In Super Mario RPG?

To use the Seed and Fertilizer, you must head to Rose Town and find the Gardener who desperately seeks the perfect seed and fertilizer.

The gardener’s house is located at the northeast section of the town, where a new path has been created.

Head inside, and you will find the gardener waiting for you to hand over the Seed and Fertilizer.

Now, hand them over and listen to his long talk. Then, wait till the beanstalk erupts out of the house.

Head outside, and you will be able to climb the beanstalk into the cloud.

Lazy Shell
Player obtaining the Lazy Shell at the Cloud platform.

Once you reach the top, you will be on the cloud platform that holds both Lazy Shell Weapon, and Lazy Shell Armor.

The Bottom Line

The Seed and Fertilizer can be obtained by defeating Megasmilax and Valentina in Nimbus Castle.

However, players have to complete some hidden tasks in order to get these items.

Furthermore, players can get unique items such as Lazy Shell Weapon and Lazy Shell Armor after handing the Seed and Fertilizer to Gardener.

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