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Is Mega Blitz Coming In Monopoly Go?

The next Golden Blitz event is happening soon in Monopoly Go, and during this time, the rumor of the Mega Blitz is circulating.

The Mega Blitz in Monopoly Go is a golden opportunity, which is like an upgraded version of the Golden Blitz.

Just like the Golden Blitz lets you trade gold stickers, Mega Blitz can help players obtain rare and special stickers through trading.

Continue reading to find out more about Mega Blitz in Monopoly Go.

What Is Mega Blitz In Monopoly Go?

Mega Blitz is similar to Golden Blitz, but players can trade many rare and gold stickers with each other quickly.

Furthermore, Mega Blitz is a special time in Monopoly Go where players can obtain rare stickers acceleratedly.

In the Mega Blitz, players can earn extra rewards like in-game currencies, which helps them progress faster in the game.

Hence, it is like a golden opportunity to turbocharge your sticker collection and complete your album quickly in Monopoly Go.

What Happens In Mega Blitz In Monopoly Go?

Trading stickers are super important in the Monopoly Go, and the Mega Blitz can make it even more exciting.

The Mega Blitz brings the Monopoly Go community together as everyone discusses their sticker needs with each other.

Monopoly Go Mega Blitz
Monopoly Go is a popular virtual board game where players can trade stickers through Golden Blitz, Mega Blitz etc.

Players talk about what stickers they want and what are they willing to trade during these events.

Hence, the Mega Blitz makes the whole Monopoly community busy trading to desperately finish their sticker collections.

1. Different Events

The Mega Blitz in Monopoly Go is exciting because it helps players finish their sticker collections faster.

Furthermore, the Mega Blitz is like a shortcut that lets players get rare stickers they’ve been missing out on.

Completing the sticker collection in Monopoly Go is a very important task to progress and earn rewards.

Players wait for the chance to trade their stickers and get the ones they don’t have during these events.

But the Mega Blitz makes things more interesting by letting players trade as many gold stickers as possible.

However, there is no official news about the Mega Blitz event in Monopoly Go.

It is best to keep an eye on the Monopoly official Facebook page so that you are ready when the event starts to make the most of it.

2. Stickers In Monopoly Go

Stickers are more than just collectibles; they are a way to earn rewards and progress faster in Monopoly Go.

Furthermore, Stickers are like badges that show how well you are doing in the game and how close you are to your friends.

Each sticker tells a story in Monopoly Go whether you got it through trading alone or just by luck.

So if Mega Blitz happens in Monopoly Go, players must use this mega opportunity to obtain rare stickers.

It’s a trading game where you must be smart and lucky and know what move to make and what stickers to trade.

Golden Blitz Event In Monopoly Go 2024

The last Golden Blitz event in Monopoly Go happened on January 3 during the Heartfelt Holidays album.

So, players can expect the next Golden Blitz in Monopoly Go to arrive somewhere between February 10 to February 20.

The rumor of getting the Mega Blitz circulates in the Monopoly Community during the next Golden Blitz.

Players are also eagerly waiting for the Golden Blitz in February to witness the Mega Blitz.

The Golden Blitz event in February 2024 will be available for less than 20 hours.

Hence, players must start trading the stickers when the event starts to avoid missing out on trading.

Pooch Perfect And Making A Splash In Golden Blitz

Monopoly Go announced the Golden Blitz via Facebook on February 16, 2024.

In the Golden Blitz event, players can enter the spotlight with Pooch Perfect and Making A Splash stickers.

Pooch Perfect and Making a Splash are the golden stickers in Monopoly Go.

Hence, when the Golden Blitz starts, players can trade the gold stickers with each other.

In Monopoly Go, players earn various stickers like golden stickers, pink stickers, green stickers, Money rain, Special speech etc.

Golden Bltiz in Monopoly Go
The news of Mega Blitz is circulating after Monopoly posted Golden Blitz on February 16, 2024.

As players progress in the game, they collect the same stickers more than once over time.

Due to this, players have duplicate stickers, which do not let them complete their sticker album in the game.

So, the Golden Blitz is the special time in Monopoly Go when players can exchange their duplicate gold stickers with each other.

For instance, players who have two Pooch Perfect golden stickers can trade their one Pooch Perfect with another gold sticker they don’t have.

Similarly, if you have two Making a Splash gold stickers, you can exchange one with a Pooch Perfect gold sticker during this Golden Blitz.

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