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Mitten Links Monopoly Go: Get Free Mittens

Monopoly Go is a mobile-based game that lets you play the classic board game with a twist.

It has introduced mittens to its Thanksgiving partner event.

Mitten Links and codes in Monopoly Go are very essential, as they help to get free Oven Mitts tokens and complete the Thanksgiving event faster and earn rewards.

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Monopoly Go Mittens

The Monopoly GO Thanksgiving event presents a great opportunity to earn awesome rewards, including mittens.

Mittens are valuable in-game items that can be used to collect resources and complete tasks.

Oven mittens are gloves that float and randomly spawn, which you can use to pick up things.

Mitten in Monopoly game.

With the help of Oven Mitts, you can collect more Turkey tokens and spoons.

Moreover, you can complete recipes in the Thanksgiving kitchen and win daily prizes.

Links are essential in Monopoly Go as they allow you to get free dice that can be used to wheel spin the board and collect properties.

Thus, getting Monopoly Go free mittens or Monopoly Go free glove links is very worthwhile.

Since each event in Monopoly includes links for players, they have been expecting Monopoly Go free gloves link.

They are wondering if there are any free Oven Mitts codes or links that you can use to get more tokens.

However, as of now, there are no working links of Monopoly Go Mittens.

Players have to hold off until day 3 to maximize the spenders, and then there may be some links for more free Monopoly Go Mittens.

But you can follow the below steps to get free Mittens in Monopoly Go.

Get Monopoly Free Mittens

In the Monopoly game, players can get monopoly free mittens by completing certain activities.

Here is a list of ways to get free mittens in Monopoly Go:

  1. Use the dice links to get free dice and turkeys.
  2. Complete the Thanksgiving Kitchen Recipe and earn mittens by completing it. For this, you’ll need to collect spoons, which can be obtained by spinning the wheel in the kitchen. Each completed recipe will reward you with mittens.
  3. Further, earn Daily Wins by participating in daily challenges and completing tasks can earn daily wins. These daily wins often include mittens as rewards.
  4. Collect Turkey Tokens Landing on any of the four corner squares on the board (Go, Jail, Free Parking, and Go to Jail) will grant you Turkey tokens. The number of tokens you receive is multiplied by your dice multiplier. These Turkey tokens can be exchanged for mittens.
  5. Check social media for giveaways since the official Monopoly Go often hosts giveaways on their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord) that might include mittens as prizes.

By employing these strategies, you can effectively accumulate Monopoly Go mittens and enhance your gameplay during Thanksgiving event.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Monopoly Go mittens are a valuable resource that can help you progress in the Thanksgiving event.

Hopefully, this article will help you guide about Monopoly Go Mittens.

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