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Explore 15 Mercenary Critical Kills Quest In MW3

In MW3, the Mercenary Critical Kills quest is one quest that appears in the Task Force 141 training week challenges.

However, players are concerned about the rewards that they get after completing this quest in the event.

In COD MW3 Zombies, players have to get 15 Mercenary critical kills in Zombies mode as part of the Task Force 141 training week challenges. In doing so, players will not only receive a double XP token but also get closer to completing the entire challenge.

Continue reading this article to learn about getting 15 mercenary critical kills in COD MW3 Zombies.

Get 15 Mercenary Critical Kills Quest

Call of Duty MW3 is no stranger when it comes to releasing new events and challenges for players.

Similarly, the game has launched a new event called the Task Force 141 Training Week challenge, introducing new quests.

Intro to Mercenary critical kill quest
The “Get 15 Mercenary critical quest” screen in COD MW3 Zombies.

One such quest asks players to get 15 mercenary critical kills in the game as part of the event. 

Specifically, this quest is part of the Zombies map quest of the new Task Force 141-week challenge.

To access this quest, players can navigate to the challenge section from the main lobby screen.

Alternatively, players can just click on the even section from the even tab to find this specific quest.

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How To Get Mercenary Critical Kills In MW3?

Call of Duty MW3 allows many variants of kills to their players, adding more elements of fun to the game.

Similarly, critical kills are one of the most satisfying kill variants that require players to perform a headshot kill.

In fact, this is the fastest way to kill Mercenaries in the game as they instantly fall to the ground.

However, performing critical kills is not easy as it requires precise aim and hours of practice.

But there are some tips and tricks that help players to achieve this feat. They are:

  1. Firstly, the most straightforward way for players to master this craft is through sheer practice.
  2. Alternatively, players can switch to controllers for that additional aimassist feature as it allows them to make a critical kill even from a distance.
Switching to controller for easier critical kills
Switching To Controller to complete the Mercenary Critical kills easier.
  1. Secondly, it is suggested for players to pick a good ADS weapon for extra zoom.
  2. In doing so, players will find it much easier to aim for the enemies’ heads in the game.
  3. Finally, the last tip is to get close to the enemy to get a better aim at the head.

Players can use the aforementioned tips to complete the Mercenary critical quest quickly.

Rewards For Completing The Mercenary Critical Kills

There are many rewards that players can get after completing this quest during the event.

Firstly, players will get a double XP token, which can be used before a match for boosted XP.

Secondly, players will get some additional XP per each Mercenary kill in the match.

Additionally, it will also fill the progress bar ko similar quests that ask players to perform critical kills.

Reward for completing the event quest
Soft Target Camo is the key reward for completing the event in MW3.

Finally, it completes one of the five Task Force 141 challenge bars, bringing them closer to the main reward.

In fact, players will receive the new Soft Target Mastery Camo after completing all 5 quests.

The Bottom Line

Getting 15 Mercenary critical kills is one of the trickiest quests in the event as it might take multiple matches for players to reach this milestone.

However, players must persevere to complete this quest as they get closer to acquiring the exclusive gun camo.

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