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Learn About The Dangerful Blueprint In Modern Warfare 3

Beta Twitch drops are rewards that you can earn by watching the Modern Warfare 3 beta on Twitch.

One of the rewards is the Dangerful Blueprint, a custom design for a gun you can use in Warzone.

The Dangerful Blueprint MW3 is the exclusive reward in the recent beta Twitch drops. This exclusive reward won’t be accessible externally after this offer.

In this article, you will learn more about all the awards you can earn and how to achieve the beta Twitch drops in MW3.

What Are The Call Of Duty: MW3 Beta Twitch drops?

Activision has celebrated the launch of its most recent game with several MW3 beta Twitch drops along with the Dangerful Blueprint MW3.

Along with a few unique accessories you may use to customize your weapons, you can obtain a special Dangerful Blueprint that will not be made available outside of this promotion.

You can upgrade your greatest MTZ-762 loadout and BAS-B loadout by using the charms and vinyl you receive through this brief event.

The MW3 beta drops which will be available at that promotion are mentioned below:

  • Let’s Fight Vinyl
  • K1LLF33D Weapon Charm
  • Desk Decor Loading Screen
  • Dangerful Blueprint

Simply watching partnered streams on Twitch will earn you four goodies in total.

The greatest reward is an exclusive Dangerful Blueprint that makes the particular weapon it is for even more powerful.

MW3 beta drops
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 beta drops

Most of them are only accessories you may use to make each loadout more distinctive.

But keep in mind that before you can get all these goodies, you’ll need to watch a certain stream for four hours.

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How To Get MW3 Beta Twitch Drops?

Follow the steps below to get MW3 beta Twitch drops:

1. Sign Up

First, sign up for The Call Of Duty: MW3 using the steps below.

  1. Connect your Activision account to your favorite PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, or platform.
  2. Sign up here to connect to The Call Of Duty: MW3.
Call Of Duty: MW3 Sign in page Dangerful Blueprint
Call Of Duty: MW3 sign-in page

Once you have signed up, don’t forget to link your accounts.

  1. Go to your Twitch connections page and connect your Twitch profile with the account of your selected platform.
  2. As soon as you’re connected, you can view linked streams until you’ve accrued enough watch time to qualify for the incentives.

3. Get Your Rewards

Finally, after you are done with signing up and linking your accounts for The Call Of Duty: MW3 you can claim your gifts as required.

To claim the gifts you have earned, go to your Twitch drops page and acquire the gifts if available and as required.

Moreover, remember that the streamer you are viewing must have drops enabled to receive rewards.

You only have until October 15 to claim these rewards as previously stated, this is a short-term event.

Stay updated about The Call Of Duty: MW3 and the special weapon beta Twitch drop, including the Dangerful Blueprint.

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The Bottom Line 

Don’t miss out on this perfect chance to get the rewards since these won’t be available after the promotion ends.

Hence, this promotion includes the K1LLF33D weapon charm, the Desk Decor loading screen, Let’s Fight weapon vinyl and the exclusive Dangerful Blueprint MW3.

Hopefully, this article helps you to know about Dangerful Blueprint in MW3 and other beta drops.

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