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Cloud keys In Merge Dragons Oh Christmas Tree Event

In Merge Dragons, players are curious about the rewards after unlocking the cloud keys in the Oh Christmas Tree event.

The Oh Christmas tree event is like a big party in December with exciting rewards, and it’s been happening since 2017 in Merge Dragons.

During the Oh Christmas tree event in Merge Dragons, you must play Special levels designed for the festive season to find Cloud keys that will help you reveal hidden items, dragons, golden treasures, etc.

Continue reading to find out more about what rewards you can earn with the cloud keys in the Merge Dragons Christmas event.

The Oh Christmas Tree Event In Merge Dragons

In Merge Dragons, players are excited for the arrival of the special Oh Christmas tree event.

The Oh Christmas Tree Event is the fourth event outside the main camp in Merge Dragons.

Furthermore, the Oh Christmas Tree event is full of fun challenges, cool rewards, and dragons with a holiday twist.

During this Christmas tree event, you will find the main Merge Dragons decorated with Santa Hats and Christmas trees for Christmas.

merge dragons
In the Christmas tree event, use cloud keys to unlock treasures like Life Flower Sprouts, Emerald Plains Grass, Fallen Star, etc.

In addition, the Oh Christmas Tree event brings cool challenges like special snow and frozen tiles.

To succeed in this event, you must merge items smartly and collect life flowers for important resources.

Moreover, remember to keep an eye out for special dragons and treasures that pop up during this event.

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The Role Of Cloud Keys In The Oh Christmas Tree Event

The fascinating thing about this Christmas Tree event is the addition of Cloud keys.

Furthermore, Cloud keys are special locks that you can find at each event Special Level in Merge Dragons.

When you find the Cloud keys, they are usually locked, so you must perform a certain combination of actions to unlock it.

1. Reveal Hidden Items And Dragons

Cloud Keys play a significant role in Merge Dragons as they help you to reveal hidden items and treasures.

These keys will take you to reveal various dragons and lead you to resources that help to progress in the event.

Hence, the cloud keys in this event will add a layer of strategy and excitement to the game.

2. Unlock Golden Treasures In Merge Dragons

You can unlock a variety of items in Merge Dragons with the help of Cloud Keys.

In the Oh Christmas Tree event, you can unlock items like Life Flower Sprouts and Emerald Plains Grass.

Moreover, you can unlock advanced treasures like the Golden Treasure Capsule and Fallen Star in this event.

In addition, Cloud Keys pushes players to discover more in the Oh Christmas Tree event.

Hence, it encourages players to use different strategies to unlock hidden areas of the event map.

3. Collect Event Points During The Christmas Tree Event

The Oh Christmas Tree Event typically occurs in December and has seen multiple occurrences since its debut in 2017.

During this event, you must accumulate Event Points by engaging in a special level exclusively designed for this event.

In addition, the more Event Points you can earn, the more rewards you can obtain in the event.

You can earn rewards like Winter Dragons and Stadium Dragons for the Event Points.

Christmas tree event
During the Merge Dragons Christmas event, focus on earning event points to obtain valuable rewards.

Moreover, you can also obtain the Winter Wonderland Snow Globe Event Trophy during the Christmas Tree event in Merge Dragons.

During the oh Christmas tree event in Merge Dragons, you can access the Event shop through cloud keys.

You must focus on earning gems throughout this event as they can be exchanged for, like Wondrous Life Orbs, Christmas Sprouts, etc, from the event shop.

The Bottom Line

To progress in the Christmas tree event, you must finish each event level and unlock cloud keys.

Hence, the cloud keys will lead you to valuable rewards and help you make the most of this festive event in Merge Dragons.

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