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Millennial Pearl Seahorse Boss In Genshin Impact: Abilities And Rewards

Millennial Pearl Seahorse is one of the upcoming electro bosses in Genshin Impact.

Also, the Boss will most likely be introduced in the upcoming 4.1 update.

Millennial Pearl Seahorse is a Magical Beast with powerful electro AOE attacks and strong defensive abilities. The unreleased Boss will be available from the September 27, 2023 patch update. 

This article will discuss the Millennial Pearl Seahorse and the latest addition to Genshin Impact.

Introduction To Millennial Pearl Seahorse

Millennial Pearl Seahorse is an unrelated boss in Genshin Impact, said to be the lonesome lord of the seahorse that gained the form of the fantastic beast.

Furthermore, it looks like a bigger version of the Bulbber Seahorse.

The Boss is located at the underground Fountain Map, one of the new areas that will be added to the world of Genshin Impact in the 4.1 update.

The Boss will sit on the open ground and start attacking once you are near.

Players can defeat this Boss by destroying the pearl beneath its head.

Additionally, players can use the Hyperbloom, Freez, or team with the Pyro element character to significantly damage this Boss.

Furthermore, players can get material Fontemer Horn after defeating the +30 level Millennial Pearl Seahorse.

Abilities Of Millennial Pearl Seahorse

According to the leak, this Boss has the three abilities we know till now.

Here are those abilities discussed as follows:

1. Area Splash Ability

The Boss will float for a particular high by bouncing on some electric field and slam down immediately on the ground.

This generates an area splash attack and damages the players on it.

However, the splashed area is not too large, making it easy to dodge.

Area splash attack
This attack by the boss damages players in a particular area.

2. Charge Attack

Millennial Pearl Seahorse has a sharp horn on its head, which it uses to charge attack in a straight direction.

This attack is faster than the other attack.

However, players can dodge it by dashing sideways.

Millennial Pearl Seahorse
This Boss performs a random fast-charge attack, so players must act quickly to dodge.

3. Projectile Attack

The Boss will generate tons of electrical fish that are directed toward you.

Once it hits you, it will deal with the electro damage.

Projectile attack
This attack can deal heavy damage if players take a direct hit.
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How To Defeat Millennial Pearl Seahorse?

This Electro Boss can be as powerful and challenging as a new boss. However, it is not impossible to defeat it.

Players can use the long-range pyro or cryo main DPS characters like Hu Tao, Yoimiya, or any of the best choices to create Overload and superconduct reactions.

Furthermore, players can use Hydro and Dendro characters like Nahida and Xingqiu to create hyperbloom element reactions.

Meanwhile, the best team players can target the orb below its head to generate enough damage and defeat this Boss.

Also, keep an eye on its attack pattern.

Rewards After Defeating Millennial Pearl Seahorse

There are tons of rewards players receive after defeating Millennial Pearl Seahorse.

Here are some of them listed below;

  • Adventure Exp
  • ExpMore
  • Fontemer Horn
  • Vajrada Amethyst Silver, Fragment, Chunk, Gemstone
  • Artifact set

The Bottom Line

Millennial Pearl Seahorse is the new Boss available on the 4.1 patch.

Furthermore, you can find this Boss on the underground Fountain map.

Many people are waiting for this to farm the material of Neuvillete.

Hopefully, this article can help you gain insight into the new Boss at Genshin Impact.

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