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Is Hydro Traveler Good In Genshin Impact?

The Hydro Traveler was introduced alongside the Inazuma region update.

It grants players access to another elemental variant of the mysterious Traveler character.

But how does their Hydro kit stack up regarding gameplay strength and viability?

The Hydro Traveler is good because it possesses skills that summon a watery illusion and decreases enemy through Hydro resistance. It possesses an elemental skill that summons a watery illusion that damages foes as it passes through.

In this article, we will analyze the skills of the Hydro Traveler and discuss if they’re good.

Who Is The Hydro Traveler?

As one of the few known survivors of the destroyed Khaenri’ah civilization, the Traveler possesses the unique ability to harness and switch between the elements of Teyvat.

After losing their original elemental power, they joined the player on their journey to discover the truth behind the unknown god who stole their sibling.

Upon arriving in Inazuma, the Traveler obtained the Hydro element from a shrine.

This allows them to wield the power of water and utilize new skills tailored for hydro-related reactions and support.

While free to obtain, the Traveler requires investment to unlock their full potential.

the traveler in Genshin impact
The Traveler possesses the unique ability in Genshin Impact.

Is Hydro Traveler Good?

While the Hydro Traveler may not be the most powerful or meta character available, they are, undoubtedly, a good and worthwhile option to build for any account.

As a free unit that requires no wishes or resin to obtain, their accessibility alone makes them extremely valuable – especially for low-spending or free-to-play players.

Furthermore, their balanced skill kit provides consistent Hydro application for easy reaction triggering and party-wide damage buffs through the Elemental Burst.

This supportive playstyle brings great utility regardless of investment level.

While their damage potential caps below top DPS(Damage Per Second) carries, the Hydro Traveler competes well at high refinement and makes up for it with flexibility across different team roles.

Considering everything, the Hydro Traveler is good for any account, even if it may not be the strongest character available.

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How To Get The Hydro Traveler?

Here are some points about how to obtain the Hydro Traveler in Genshin Impact:
  • Unlock Inazuma Region – First, complete the Archon Questline and unlock access to Inazuma to obtain the Hydro element.
  • Visit Shrine of Depths – Travel to the Grand Narukami Shrine and interact with the Shrine of Depths to receive a quest.
  • Complete World Quest – The quest “Chapter I: Act I – The Hydro Archon’s Favor” then guides you to obtain the Hydro element.
  • Absorb Element from Shrine – You will absorb the Hydropower from the shrine, allowing you to wield it.
  • Switch Elements – Now, you can switch the Traveler’s element to Hydro by accessing their Elemental Skill menu.
  • Level Up Element – Further leveling and talent leveling fully unlocks the Hydro Traveler’s potential.

What Skills Does Hydro Traveler Possess?

The Traveler’s normal attack chain involves swift sword strikes.

Their Elemental Skill, “Stellaris Phantasm,” summons a watery illusion that damages foes as it passes through.

Holding the skill expands its AoE and boosts damage.

The Elemental Burst “Stellaris Phantasm” creates a vortex dealing AoE Hydro damage.

Additionally, it decreases the enemy through Hydro resistance and increases party Hydro damage through two valuable buffs.

Both skills apply the element from a safe distance, enabling elemental reactions.

Moreover, leveling their talents increases the number of these skills.

skill hydro traveler
The burst skill in Genshin Impact.

The Burst lowers in cost, allowing for quicker re-casts.

Overall, the Traveler has a balanced kit focusing on support through consistent Hydro application and damage amplification.

Overworld Performance

In the open world, the Hydro Traveler truly shines.

Their skills make constantly applying Hydro effortless, even from afar.

Furthermore, this lets players easily trigger reactions like Electro-Charged or Vaporize to boost damage.

As a free unit, Traveler constellations come naturally without resin expenditure.

Additionally, these perks contribute to their strong overworld performance.

The Effectiveness Of Spiral Abyss

In the Spiral Abyss endgame content, the Hydro Traveler can adaptably fill several roles:

  • Main DPS – With high talent levels and crit-focused artifacts, they can function as an on-field driver dealing reaction damage.
  • Support – Their off-field application and Burst buffs support teammates on the field at a lower investment.
  • Driver – In permafreeze or electro-charged teams, Traveler applies consistent Hydro for others to trigger reactions as the main on-field character.

While not the most powerful DPS, their versatility and utility make them a viable option for different Abyss teams with investment.

The Bottom Line

Conclusively, the Hydro Traveler is worth building even as a supporting enabler.

Their accessibility, consistent Hydro application, party buffs and flexible roles provide reliable value to any account.

With this skill, F2P or low-spenders get a lot of bang for their resin-free buck.

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