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Find The Purple Coins In Missile Meg Mayhem

Missile meg mayhem is one of the levels in Super Mario Bros. that you must finish after collecting the Royal Seed.

Also, at this level, players must explore in-depth and play carefully to acquire all the purple coins.

Missile Meg Mayhem consists of three purple coins scattered at different locations. So, players must explore these locations and avoid hidden enemies to collect all three coins.

This article discusses Missile Meg Mayhem and how to collect purple coins in Missile Meg Mayhem.

Introduction To Missile Meg Mayhem

Missile Meg Mayhem is a stage in the video game Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Moreover, this stage is the second level of the Petal Isles world and the first level that features missiles.

Further, players can ride these missiles or use them to break blocks.

Also, the stage has Wonder Flowers, which can activate Wonder Effects that change the environment and reveal new paths and secrets.

Moreover, three giant Flower Coins and two Wonder Seeds are available at this stage.

The Flower Coins are purple coins hidden or guarded by enemies, while Wonder Seeds are vital to progress.

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How To Collect Purple Coins In Missile Meg Mayhem?

One of the collectibles in Missile Meg Mayhem is purple coins, also known as flower coins, which are purple.

There are numerous purple coins available at this stage. However, only three giant purple coins are worth above all, i.e., ten points each.

Collecting all three Flower Coins will unlock a secret exit that will take you to a bonus stage called Wonder Waterfall.

This stage has more Wonder Flowers and Wonder Seeds to collect and some unique challenges and rewards.

Purple Coin 1 Location: Near The Start Of The Stage

Shortly after passing the first checkpoint flag, you’ll encounter a platform to your left, adorned with two question blocks and a missile launcher.

Then, you must wait for the missiles to approach from the left, then leap onto one of them and ride it to the right.

Above this platform, you’ll spot an orange tulip. Jump to activate it, causing the purple coin to materialize to your right.

mission mayhem meg purple coins
You must ride the missile and jump on the giant purple coin to get it.

Quickly jump again to snatch the coin before it vanishes off the screen.

However, you must be mindful not to linger on the missile too long, as it may take a nosedive and explode.

Purple Coin 2 Location: Toward The End Of The Stage

After passing the second checkpoint flag, you’ll notice a red warp pipe positioned above you.

Before entering the warp pipe, leap from the platform’s right edge. This reveals the purple coin below.

mission mayhem meg purple coins
You will find a second giant purple coin at the end of the stage.

Utilize your cape or propeller suit to descend and grab the coin. Then, make use of a passing missile to return to safety.

Note: Entering the warp pipe before obtaining the purple coin will make it inaccessible during this attempt.

Purple Coin 3 Location: Following The Third Checkpoint Flag

Beyond the third checkpoint flag, you’ll come across a platform on the right, equipped with an orange tulip and a missile launcher.

Activate the orange tulip and ride the missiles to trace the path of descending gold coins.

While descending, you’ll spot a platform above you featuring another missile launcher.

Missile meg mayhem purple coins
You will get the third purple coin following the check flag and riding the missile.

Pass beneath it and then jump up to collect the purple coin tucked away in a small alcove.

Moreover, you need to employ another missile to ascend back up.

The Bottom Line

By following the steps mentioned above, you should be able to find all three purple coins in Missile Meg Mayhem.

Moreover, you can unlock the secret exit to Wonder Waterfall.

Furthermore, you can collect two Wonder Seeds in this stage, which will help you advance through the game.

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