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Monopoly Go Hot Rod: Build And Customize Cars

Monopoly Go! HOT ROD Partners is an electrifying event scheduled for March 2024.

This high-octane challenge invites players to form dynamic partnerships and compete in thrilling rounds.

You must have a proven track record of successfully completing past Partner Challenges to qualify. 

Continue reading to explore more about the Monopoly Go Hot Rod event.

Monopoly Go Hot Rod

Monopoly Go Hot Rod is a rumored partner event in Monopoly Go.

In this event, players can team up with other players to build and customize hot rod cars inspired by famous movie franchises.

According to some online sources, the event is expected to start on March 15, 2024.

However, the official game developers have not confirmed this so that it may be subject to change.

The event may offer exclusive rewards and prizes for the participants who complete the objectives.

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Requirements For Partners

The requirements for partners in the Monopoly Go Hot Rod event are:

1. REAL And Serious

This event is open to genuinely committed players.

Players must have a proven track record of completing past Partner Challenges. 

2. Novices

If you’re uncertain about your commitment level, this might not be a suitable event for you.

Therefore, it’s essential to know your limits and choose accordingly.

monopoly go hot rod
Monopoly Go Hot Rod lets a player build and customize hot rod cars.

How To Join Monopoly Go Hot Rod Event?

To join the Monopoly Go Hot Rod event, you need to find a partner who is also interested in participating.

You can look for partners in online communities such as Facebook or Reddit, where you can also discuss strategies and tips with other players.

Once you have a partner, you must enter the event page in the game and send them an invitation link.

Your partner needs to accept the invitation and confirm their participation.

Then, you and your partner can start building and customizing your hot rod cars.

Further, and compete with other teams for the best design and performance.

The Group Rules

Here is the list of group rules for the Monopoly Go Hot Rod event:

1. Be Kind And Courteous

Respect and kindness are the fuel that keeps our Monopoly Go community running smoothly.

While healthy debates are acceptable, let’s maintain a welcoming environment.

2. No Hate Speech Or Bullying

Safety is the priority, there shouldn’t be any form of bullying or degrading comments on any factors.

Significantly, everyone should feel secure and respected.

3. No Promotions Or Spam

In this group, it’s all about giving more than you take.

Self-promotion and irrelevant links are a no-go. Let’s keep the focus on Monopoly Go!

4. Respect Privacy

What’s shared within the group stays within the group.

Confidentiality matters, whether it’s game strategies or friendly banter.

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