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Can You Ride A Zombie Horse In Minecraft?

An underused version of the typical horse in Minecraft is a Zombie Horse, considered the equivalent of horses that are zombies.

Zombie Horses behave like regular horses, roaming idly and occasionally pausing to raise, shake, or drop their heads as if grazing on the grass.

You can ride and command a Zombie Horse if you summon one tamed and equipped with a saddle. Different Minecraft versions have different riding controls for them.

Continue reading to learn about Zombie Horses, how to ride and tame them, and much more.

How To Get A Zombie Horse?

First, let’s discuss how you can get a Zombie Horse in Minecraft.

Horses that are Zombies do not spontaneously spawn in the game like skeleton horses do.

A Zombie doesn’t have the power to convert a villager into a Zombie villager.

Likewise, the player cannot produce a Zombie Horse by trapping a horse with a Zombie.

They resemble regular horses in every way except for their green skin and dark eyes, although they do not spawn as regular ones

However, you can procure a Zombie Horse in Minecraft using the following ways:

  • The first method is to summon them. They are summonable on various systems, but mainly on Java Edition
  • You can summon them using the command “/summon zombie_horse [pos].”
  • If no position is set, Zombie Horses will spawn in a player’s current location.
Note: A Zombie Horse in Minecraft has 26.5 hearts for health. Due to the fact that one heart equals two health points, this gives a Zombie Horse 53 health points.

How To Tame A Zombie Horse?

You cannot tame Zombie Horses or skeleton horses, but you can tame adult horses, donkeys, and mules.

To tame the horse, you need to keep riding it with an empty hand until it stops throwing you off and shows hearts.

Zombie horse taming
You can tame a Zombie Horse by riding it with an empty hand.

Taming is the first step for any activity with a horse, whether it is breeding, equipping, or riding.

Can You Ride A Zombie Horse?

Yes, you can ride a Zombie Horse by following specific guidelines and fulfilling a few criteria. 

Jumping charging is a skill that can be used by saddling and ridden them.

It allows them to jump higher and farther than normal horses. 

The HUD’s (Heads-Up Display) experience bar is replaced by a leaping charge bar when the player rides them.

You can force Zombie Horses you have saddled and ridden to jump by applying pressure on the control.

However, it cannot be ridden in the Bedrock edition.

Additionally, if you want to ride a Zombie Horse in this edition, you need to install an addon (mod). 

Tips To Ride A Zombie Horse

You can ride this Horse using different control settings based on various versions of Minecraft.

Here are the steps to ride it.

  1. Right-click on the Zombie Horse for Java Edition.
  2. Move your cursor toward the Zombie Hand for Pocket Edition and press Mount.
  3. For PS4, press the controller’s L2 button.
  4. For Windows 10, right-click on the Zombie Horse.
Zombie horse ride
You can ride a Zombie Horse in Minecraft.

A ridden horse automatically climbs any single-block-high slope.

You can pass through an area only 2.75 blocks high without any problems.

Lower clearance puts the rider at risk of suffocation if their head collides with an opaque block.

The horse may pass through gaps as low as 1.625 blocks high.

Nevertheless, the animal may suffer asphyxia damage when the clearance is less than 1.75 blocks.

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The Bottom Line

Riding a Zombie Horse in Minecraft is a fun and adventurous way to explore the game world.

They are fast, agile, and fire-resistant, ideal for traversing different biomes and environments.

If you want a unique and exciting experience in Minecraft, try riding a Zombie Horse today.

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