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Monopoly Go Rest Assured: Meaning And Gifts

Many players are currently getting the Rest Assured message in the Monopoly Go.

This is the reason they are curious about how it works in the game.

Rest Assured is a common term used in Monopoly Go to convey confidence or solve issues. The term was used as a message and a gift for the users the game was down due to a few bugs.

Continue reading to learn more about the rest assured and its hidden gifts in Monopoly Go.

Rest Assured In Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go is a popular mobile device game that has crossed millions in downloads.

It is a game based on a real-life Monopoly game but has a touch of distinctiveness to add more gaming experience.

Moreover, it is exploring various cities, collecting cards, building landmarks and shops, upgrading buildings and many more.

Monopoly Go
Building landmarks in Monopoly Go.

The game is minimalistic in design but fun to play with your loved ones and other  Facebook friends.

Various terms are used in the mobile game to describe the typhoons, gifts and other items.

One of them is Rest Assured, which is usually mentioned as a form of confidence when playing against friends or online players.

Thanks to the wide use of the term, Monopoly is also using the term to grant players gifts.

Getting Rest Assured: Issues

Monopoly Go is probably using the Rest Assured gift to convey a message regarding the recent in-game issues players were facing.

Many players faced crashing and loading issues, game freezing and Friends Lost was not showing up.

Moreover, the game provided incorrect rewards, including the Mega Heist tournaments and the High Roller rewards issue.

Players are seeing the fluctuation in their Net worth, and their shields are broken in just a single hit.

Further, other issues players face include missing shelf lock rewards, purchase errors and endless offer bugs.

Thankfully, after the latest update on 29th September, some bugs were solved, but Scolepy is still working on some of them.

Continue reading about the Monopoly Go Glitch.

Rest Assured: All Gifts

After facing numerous player complaints, Monopoly Go was down for ongoing maintenance as a result, they were unable to load the game.

Most of the regular players couldn’t collect rewards, launch an attack or simply couldn’t progress the game.

As a result, many players received the Rest Assured note as a form of gift assuring about the fixed problems and numerous gifts.

Thankfully many players are happy about the gifts they received while some complain about getting the old cards.

monopoly go rest assured
Collect the rest assured gifts.

Players are getting free dice rolls, a few stickers, and millions of cash as a reward.

If players are unsatisfied with any card, they can trade a few of them with their friends.

The Bottom Line

Rest Assured is widely used in games to show confidence and dominance against the players.

Moreover, in the latest update, the Rest Assured is a message assuring about the bug fixes.

Unfortunately, the gift is not available for all the Monopoly Go Players.

Players with the gifts are receiving stickers, dice rolls and cash.

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