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Voodoo Doll In BG3: How To Destroy It?

The Voodoo doll is one of the cursed objects in Baldur’s Gate 3.

This doll belongs to Ethel the Hag, who uses it to torment Mayrina.

To destroy the voodoo doll in BG3, attack it directly with weapons or spells while healing Mayrina in between, or use the Remove Curse spell until it’s destroyed, freeing her from her cursed sheep form.

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What Is The Voodoo Doll In BG3?

In the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, a mysterious artifact, the voodoo doll, takes center stage.

This object plays a pivotal role in the plans of Ethel, a hag. Her target is to evict Mayrina from her own home.

As you dive deeper into the story, you stumble upon the hapless Mayrina.

However, there is a shocking twist, you will now find Mayrina as a sheep.

This transformation sets the stage for a series of grim events.

Venturing up to the second floor of the eerie Old Garlow’s Place, you will stumble upon Mayrina, now in the form of a sheep.

But that’s not all you discover; you will also find the voodoo doll in the corner of the room.

voodoo doll bg3
You will find the voodoo doll in the corner of the room.

This doll holds a dark secret filled with magic that links it to Mayrina.

Every prick or harm you cause to the doll is directly mirrored in the suffering experienced by the hapless Mayrina.

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Where Will You Find The Voodoo Doll?

You can find the voodoo doll on the second floor of Old Garlow’s Place with the help of the Hag Survivors quest.

Old Garlow’s Place is in the Lower City area of Baldur’s Gate at coordinates X: -44 and Y: -144.

Here, the hag survivor group stays as a refuge after being evicted from their previous home, Barren’s Coop.

On the second floor, the player will discover Mayrina cursed as a sheep and the voodoo doll magically linked to inflict its damage on her.

voodoo doll bg3
Find a Voodoo doll near Mariana.

How To Destroy The Voodoo Doll In BG3?

Here are the steps to destroy the voodoo doll in Baldur’s Gate 3:
  1. Accept the quest “Help the Hag Survivors” by interacting with Baldur’s Gate pamphlets advertising the Hag Survivor group.
  2. Travel to Old Garlow’s Place located in the Lower City at coordinates X: -44, Y: -144.
  3. Enter the building and go to the second floor.
  4. You will find Mayrina cursed and transformed into a sheep.
  5. In the same room is the voodoo doll that links to Mayrina.
  6. There are two main methods to destroy the doll: Directly attacking the doll with weapons or spells, healing Mayrina between hits and Using the Remove Curse spell on the doll, either from a scroll or character ability.
  7. Stop attacking until you destroy the doll, or use the Remove Curse spell.
  8. Once destroyed, Mayrina will revert to her normal elf form with the curse lifted.
  9. Interact with Mayrina to continue the quest and receive more clues about defeating the hag Ethel.

What Happens After Destroying The Voodoo Doll?

After destroying the voodoo doll and breaking the curse on Mayrina, she will thank the player and return to her normal elf form.

She reveals that the hag Ethel has been blackmailing and tormenting herself and the other survivors.

She directs the player to a hidden safe on the wall containing clues to defeating Ethel, such as the recipe for Hag’s Bane potion.

mayrina changed bg3
Mayrina reveals that the hag Ethel has been blackmailing and tormenting herself.

The player must then decide whether to continue pursuing the hag and avenging the survivors, advancing the related questlines.

The Bottom Line

A voodoo doll is a magical object that the hag Ethel in BG3 uses to curse one of her victims, Mayrina.

Players can find the doll on the second floor of Old Garlow’s Place and must destroy it to free Mayrina from her cursed sheep form.

You can accomplish this safely through Remove Curse or by direct attacks combined with healing.

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