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Everything On MW2 Smoke Airdrop Glitch

The MW2 smoke airdrop glitch is insane; no one wants to miss it.

 It is creating low visibility and unfair advantages for the exploiters.

It is done by using the smoke airdrop field upgrade with the overclock perk and spamming smoke drones.

The MW2 smoke airdrop glitch is a major exploit allowing players infinite smokes. This can boost their score extremely high, enabling them to get insane scorestreaks like Juggernauts and Gunships.

Let’s reveal a secret glitch that allows you to get any airdrop you want in MW2 with a simple smoke grenade trick.

What Is MW2 Smoke Airdrop Glitch?

The MW2 smoke airdrop glitch is an exploit in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II (2022).

The players can upgrade the smoke airdrop field to get infinite smokes and boost their high scores. This allows them to get insane scorestreaks like juggernauts and gunships. 

The glitch is done by changing the kill streaks to score streaks, running overclock and spamming smoke drones. It ruins the game for many players who enjoy the 12v12 SnD mode. 

Some players claim that they are seeing the glitch on YouTube or TikTok. However, people do not widely know it and are being secretive about it.

There is no official confirmation from Activision if they are aware of the glitch or plan to fix it or ban the exploiters.

MW2 smoke airdrop glitch
MW2 smoke airdrop glitch is an exploit.
Disclaimer: This glitch Gives a lot of scores and allows you to get high-end scorestreaks like Gunships and Juggernauts. However, using it may ruin the game for others and get you banned eventually.

How To Fix MW2 Smoke Airdrop Glitch?

Unfortunately, there is no official fix for this airdrop glitch.  Some players are still exploiting the glitch and ruining the game for others. 

To avoid the glitch or counter the exploiters, skip the 12v12 SnD mode, use thermal scopes, equip cold-blooded perks, or deploy trophy systems.

The best thing you can do is to report the glitch to Activision. However, you can report a glitch in MW2 in a few ways.

  1.  Use the Report a Bug option in the Desktop App
Battlenet for MW2 smoke airdrop glitch.
Report a bug in Battlenet.
  1.  Post on the dedicated forums for MW2, where you can also see the known active issues and discuss them with other players. 
  2.  Use the feedback and bug reporting form on the Activision website to send crash reports if you’re experiencing game crashes.
Activision for MW2 smoke airdrop glitch
One can send crash reports on the Activision website.

When Will The Developers Fix MW2 Smoke Airdrop Glitch?

Unfortunately, the developers have no official date to fix this glitch.

Some players still exploit the glitch and ruin the game for others.

The developers have not acknowledged the glitch or announced plans to patch or ban the exploiters.

Some players are waiting patiently, hoping the glitch will be fixed soon. They also hope to rotate out the 12v12 SnD mode until then.

Others are losing faith in the developers and their ability to fix the game. The glitch has been around for at least 20 days, and it seems it is not a priority for the developers.

Reddit discussion on MW2 smoke airdrop glitch
The Reddit discussion shows the developers haven’t patched the game yet.

The Bottom Line

This glitch is a stain on the game and the community and needs fixing as soon as possible.

The glitch has been reported by many players, but the developers have not fixed it or banned the exploiters yet.

The glitch has been around for at least 20 days, and it seems that it is not a priority for the developers.

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