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MW3 Year Of The Dragon Event Revealed

The first update of 2024 in MW3 includes new content, weapons, and events that players are excited to unfold.

One of the upcoming events that has been leaked is the “Year of the Dragon” event in MW3.

The Year of the Dragon is set to release during the Chinese New Year, with fresh content and a calling card bundle. The bundles will contain new dragon skins that will arrive in the in-game stores to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

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What Is The Year Of The Dragon In MW3?

The Year of the Dragon is the fifth year in the Chinese zodiac cycle, and it is associated with strength, courage, creativity, and innovation.

There are rumors circulating about the Year of the Dragon event in MW3 as the New Year 2024 is starting.

However, the developers have not confirmed the release of the event officially.

But this event is expected to come soon after the New Year update of 2024 during the time of the Chinese New Year.

year of the dragon in MW3
Users on X revealing information about the upcoming event Year of the Dragon.

According to some sources, there are some calling card bundles tied to the event.

Players can celebrate the Chinese New Year with the dragon-themed bundles.

The Year of the Dragon bundle allows players to buy a list of customizable weapons, blueprints, and camos.

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Release Date Of The Year Of The Dragon In MW3

Though players have been speculating about the event, there’s no official confirmation about this event release yet.

However, the Year of the Dragon event is related to the Chinese New Year.

The Chinese New Year falls on February 10th, 2024, so the event would likely start around that time.

Lunar new year bundles in MW3
Bundles associated with the Chinese New Year event in MW3.

Further, it will feature various customization items and weapon blueprints related to the dragon theme.

This is similar to the event last year called the Year of the Rabbit for Modern Warfare 2.

Confirmed Updates The New Year In MW3

The upcoming week will see the release of the New Year’s update for Modern Warfare 3, which promises to bring exciting new content.

Further, the latest updates in the MW3 for 2024 include:

1. Season 1 Reloaded

The Season 1 reloaded will bring new playlist options like MEAT 24/7VORTEX with Ray Gun LTM, and an animated camo event.

Further, the Vortex Zombies mode will go live on January 3rd, 2024.

Additionally, it will introduce a new event along with 3 new Undead MP Map Remixes.

2. Upcoming Content

Starting January 17th, 2024, players can expect the Classified Battle Pass sector with the Tech Evolve Ray LMG.

Also, the new multiplayer modes like All or Nothing team gunfight and Headquarters, potentially the HRM 9 SMG through Armory unlock challenges.

The Bottom Line

The “Year of the Dragon” event in Modern Warfare 3 is an eagerly anticipated event for the upcoming year.

Players can look out for the patch notes and stay updated to know further details about the event soon.

Moreover, it allows players to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year with exciting bundle packs and skins.

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