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My Hero Ultra Rumble Mr. Compress: How To Unlock It?

My Hero Ultra Rumble is a free-to-play game based on the My Hero Academia franchise.

It features 18 playable characters, divided into 14 Heros and 4 Villans, each with unique abilities and Mr. Compress is one of the overpowered villain characters.

To unlock Mr. Compress in My Hero Ultra Rumble, you can unlock through Special License Collect, use character stones, or purchase with microtransactions. On the other hand, you can also rent it by using the Rental Ticket.
Continue reading to learn more about Mr. Compress and how you can unlock it in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

Who Is Mr. Compress In My Hero Ultra Rumble?

My Hero Ultra Rumble game features tons of characters with five roles: Assault, Strike, Rapid, Support, and Technical.

Mr. Compress is one of the supporting characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

Atsuhiro Sako initially voiced this character in the Japanese language.

My Hero Ultra Rumble Mr. Compress
Mr.Compress is a villain character with support-type abilities.

Players first must unlock this character to use it in the fights. It can compress an ally and slowly restore their HP while carrying them.

Furthermore, you can have the option to personalize him with many customization options, including emotes, costumes and many more.

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How To Unlocked Mr. Compress In My Hero Ultra Rumble?

Having this character in your collection can significantly boss your gameplay.

Once you unlock and master this character, it can bring you many victories.

However, unlocking this character can take some time and patience.

Because it requires a tremendous amount of game currency.

There are some strategies you can follow to unlock this character;

1. Special License

The primary way of unlocking the character is to level up the Special License.

This can be found on the License menu at the top of the main menu.

My Hero Ultra Rumble Mr. Compress
Once you load the game, navigate to the License menu on the top menu bar.

Mr. Compress can be unlocked after you reach level 13 in Special License.

Special License is free so you do not have to purchase any premium version.

However, you must grind for the experience point, which takes time.

Furthermore, along with Mr. Compress, you can unlock other characters for free.

2. Progress Through The Game

You can unlock Mr. Compress as you progress through the game.

Reaching Tier 20 unlocks Mr. Compress and to reach that tier, you need to win tons of matches.

3. Collect Character Stone

Upon reaching tier 20, you must collect a Character Stone to unlock Mr. Compress.

You can obtain them by performing the rolls through the Roll tab at the top of the screen.

However, to do so, you need tickets and make sure you have enough. You can collect it by completing missions and events.

Furthermore, as you log in for the first time, the game will provide you with about 400 tickets.

4. Use Character Stones To Unlock Mr. Compress

Once you get the required amount of Character Stone. You can navigate to the Special Licence tab and select Mr. Compress.

Then, use the character stones to unlock this character for free, but it takes time and patience.

5. Purchase Mr Compress

On the contrary, you can also purchase Mr. Compress if you don’t want the hassle of grinding.

You need to have microtransactions for this, but this will reduce your gameplay experience with other characters from the start.

Additionally, you can use the Rental token to use the character in the game temporarily.

All Skills Of Mr. Compress

In My Hero Ultra Rumble, the skills are related to their Quirks and every character in game has three special skills.

Here are the Special Skills of Mr. Compress:

  • Production Magic: Players can aim at the enemy and throw the compressed item with this ability. It is mainly a large truck, and the attack is so overpowered that enemies do not get the chance to return the attack and run away.
  • Sleigh of Hand: Generates a shield that deflects incoming attack or compresses anything that makes contact with your hand.
  • Magician Choice: Using this ability will shoot forward and trap enemies or allies in a Compress.

The Bottom Line 

Mr. Compress is one of the Powerful characters that every player should own.

Players need to collect character stones or purchase with the microtransactions to unlock this character.

On the other hand, players can also unlock from the Special Licence, but this takes lots of time and patience.

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