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Choose The Best Armor For Karlach Baldur’s Gate 3

The best armor for Karlach depends on her Barbarian traits. 

Using incorrect armor can cause her to lose the benefit of both her traits in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

The best armor for Karlach in BG3 is either the Light or Medium armor. Therefore, the best armor is either no armor or medium armor, depending on her build and preferences.

This article discusses Karlach and the best armor for her in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Who Is Karlach In BG3? 

Karlach is one of the characters that players can have as a companion in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Her backstory details how she seeks revenge on the man who sold her to the Archdevil when she was young. 

After nearly ten years of staying in captivity, she can run away from the Archdevil.

However, there is an infernal engine blazing in place of her heart. 

Her concern is to stop the engine and also roam the world to find like-minded travelers and maybe someone to love. 

Players can find Karlach on the Risen Road on the northern part of the map.

Furthermore, this area is in Act 1. Thus, players can head there to talk with her. 

The exact coordinaates are X:110, Y:499. However, there is another way to meet her, but the location is still the same. 

In the other method, first, you must recruit Wyll through his companion quest; you will meet Karlach. 

Another way is through Anders, who tells you that if you defeat Karlach, he will give you his sword, but this quest is pointless. 

You can simply side with Karlach and defeat Anders to obtain his sword. 

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Choose The Best Armor For Karlach In BG3

Karlach is a tiefling with the Barbarian class, which possesses great damage and good stats to promote survivability. 

However, they depend largely on their high strength and constitution stat. 

Furthermore, their class features Rage and unarmored defenses, encouraging the Barbarians not to use any armor. 

But, players can choose to equip Karlach with an Armor. The armor that players can have on Karlach is either Light Armor or Medium Armor

This is mainly because the unarmored defenses will hinder the rage trait if players equip the class with heavy armor. 

Furthermore, the unarmored defenses trait allows the Barbarians to gain armor equal to their Constitution modifier when not wearing any armor. 

Thus, the best armor for Karlach is no armor at all. However, use either Light or Medium armor if you want to use armor. 

1. Light Armor

Light armor provides the wearer with 11 to 14 AC plus your dexterity modifier to your AC. 

This means if you have a light armor that provides you with 13 AC and a dexterity modifier of +4, you will gain a total of 17 AC

This armor is a great choice for Barbarians because they have decent dexterity, and their inherent talents do not promote heavy armor. 

2. Medium Armor

Medium armor provides higher base AC than light armor. However, they gain a maximum of only + 2 to their AC from their dexterity. 

This means, in comparison to the light and medium armor, there is a good chance that medium armor will be better than the light armor. 

Light and Medium armor have additional benefits if they are of Uncommon or higher rarity. 

best armor for karlach is medium armor
Karlach is equipped with either medium or light armor in BG3.

The Bottom Line

Karlach is a Barbarian; like all barbarians, she finds the medium and light armor more suitable. 

However, since she does not have too much dexterity stat to benefit from light armor, it is better to choose the medium armor for her. 

Furthermore, players can choose not to use any armor at all if they want to leverage the unarmored defenses trait for Karlach. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in choosing the best armor for Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

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