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Napalm Strikes In Helldivers 2: Conquer The Battlefield

Napalm in Helldivers 2 is a potent area denial tool, creating zones of intense heat and fire to damage enemies over time.

You can deploy it both offensively to push back foes and defensively to shield allies or block enemy advances.

However, it is effective against groups of enemies, dealing damage over time and disrupting enemy movements.

Continue reading to learn more about the Napalm In Helldivers 2.

Napalm In Helldivers 2: Eagle Airstrike

Napalm serves as a formidable weapon for controlling the battlefield.

Deployed through the Eagle Napalm Airstrike, it creates a swath of fire that deals damage over time and restricts enemy movement.

One of its primary strengths lies in its ability to clear out large groups of enemies, especially those bunched together.

This makes it particularly effective against swarms of bugs or tightly packed adversaries.

However, using Napalm requires careful planning and execution.

employ offensively and defensively
Napalm is a formidable weapon that you can employ both offensively and defensively.

Players must anticipate enemy movements and strategically designate the target area for the strike.

Its cooldown period also means you must use it judiciously to maximize its effectiveness.

You can employ Napalm both offensively and defensively.

Offensively, it can block enemy advances and funnel them into more manageable positions.

Defensively, it can create barriers of flame to shield players and provide breathing room for regrouping.

Additionally, Napalm’s effectiveness diminishes against heavily armored foes.

How To Get Napalm In Helldivers 2?

Before obtaining Napalm, ensure you’ve unlocked access to the Eagle Command Center.

Upon reaching the Eagle Command Center, approach the Loadout Terminal, which allows customization of your loadout with weapons.

Within the Loadout Terminal, locate the section dedicated to supporting Stratagems, offering options for airstrikes and reinforcements.

Scroll through the available support Stratagems until you find the Napalm option.

It is usually represented by an icon depicting flames or an explosive symbol.

If Napalm is available for selection, it indicates you’ve already unlocked access to it.

control enemy movements
Upon deploying Napalm, capitalize on its effects to control enemy movements.

However, if Napalm isn’t yet accessible, you may need to progress further in the campaign or fulfill specific in-game achievements.

Once Napalm is located in the support Stratagems section, select it to equip it to your loadout.

Ensure you have sufficient Stratagem slots available to equip Napalm along with other desired items.

During missions, when Napalm support is required, access your loadout and select the Napalm Stratagem.

Finally, follow on-screen instructions to designate the target area where you wish the Napalm strike to occur.

Napalm Strike And Incen Mines: Are They Worth?

Napalm Strikes and Incendiary Mines’s worth depends on individual playstyles, teamwork, and mission objectives.

However, careful consideration of their merits and demerits is essential for effective use in the game.

Merits Of Napalm Strike And Incen Mines

  • Napalm Strike creates a zone of intense heat and fire, blocking enemy advances and controlling the battlefield. Likewise, Incen Mines create fiery zones upon detonation, damaging enemies over time and potentially stunning them.
  • You can so employ Napalm Strike both offensively to push back enemies and defensively to create barriers of flame for protection. Similarly, you can place Incen mines strategically to block routes, funneling enemies into more favorable positions.
  • In Napalm Strike, the sight of raging flames can deter enemies, causing hesitation or retreat. However, Incen Mines disrupt enemy movements and provide temporary barriers against advancing foes.
  • Napalm Strike also provides options to manipulate enemy movements and create advantageous positions. Incen Mines offers an alternative to standard mines, providing tactical options for area denial.
Careless deployment harms teammates
Careless deployment of Napalm Strikes and Incen Mines can harm teammates.

Demerits Of Napalm Strike And Incen Mines

  • Careless deployment of Napalm Strike can harm teammates caught in the flames, necessitating coordination and communication. Similarly, Incen Mines’s careless placement can harm teammates, requiring caution.
  • In Napalm Strike, a lengthy cooldown period requires strategic planning for optimal use. Subsequently, Incen Mines may not deal as much direct damage as other offensive options.
  • Napalm Strike is less effective against heavily armored foes compared to direct explosive attacks. Generally, Incen Mines require precision in placement and timing to maximize effectiveness.
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