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Diablo 4: Complete The Quest “A Serpent Cornered”

In Diablo 4, players have to complete the A Serpent Cornered Quest to gain the Vampiric Power name of Metamorphosis.

Similarly, the game has captured the imaginations of the players with its intense quests and exciting challenges.

Most of the players are stuck on the quest “A Serpent Cornered” since the quest seems to be bugged.

In Diablo 4, players can achieve the reward  Metamorphosis after completing the quest “A Serpent Cornered.” After completing this quest, players can transform into the cloud of bats and inflict nearby enemies with heavy damage and the Vampiric Curse.

Continue Reading to find out more about “A Serpent Cornered” Quest.

Diablo 4: Overview Of The Quest “A Serpent Cornered”

Players have to come across several quests and missions in Diablo 4, one of the exciting quests in-game is “A Serpent Cornered.”

Similarly, this quest is one of the crucial quests in Diablo 4, where players have to go on an epic journey inside the gaming world.

One of the primary objects of the quest is to meet up with Erys, unlock the sealed gate to the City of Ancients, and confront Lord Zir.

Likewise, Lord Zir is one of the formidable adversaries in Diablo 4, players can find Lord Zir on the Sanguine Throne

Fighting Lord Zir
The player is fighting with Lord Zir to defeat him.

Here are the breakdown steps  for the quest:

  1. Initially, players have to meet up with the Erys before starting the journey to the city of the Ancients.
  2. After meeting with Erys, you have to make their way through the city of the Ancients to solve the quest.
  3. Upon reaching the City of Ancients, you have to enter the beautiful city of the Ancients and prepare for upcoming challenges.
  4. Similarly, you can feel the natives of the city turning hostile, so they must slay the enemies and march forward.
  5. Moreover, you must vanquish the blood seekers to continue their search for Lord Zir within the City of Ancients.
  6. Finally, the ultimate encounter occurs between the player and Lord Zir at the Sanguine Throne.
  7. Players have to confront Lord Zir, as he is the antagonist of the “A Serpent Cornered” Quest.

Diablo 4: A Potential Bug In “A Serpent Cornered”

Despite the excitement of playing certain quests and missions in Diablo 4, many players have reported encountering bugs.

Players are facing this bug issue while playing the Quest “A Serpent Cornered,” as reported in Several gaming forums.

Similarly, it frustrates them in many ways if they have to encounter the bug during the exciting quest.

Moreover, you are unable to proceed forward with their quest and find themselves stuck inside their quest.

Encountering these sorts of bugs in the quest would annoy the players and hinder their overall gaming experience.

A Serpent Cornered: Solution For The Bug In Diablo 4

As players encounter the bug inside the quest, their primary focus is to find the possible way to solve the issue.

They can openly discuss their problems in online gaming forums such as Reddit, steam, and so on.

Similarly, discussing these online forums presents users with the opportunity to solve the bugs collaboratively.

Based on the discussions from the players on Steam and Reddit, you can follow simple steps to encounter this bug.

  1. Players have to go to the “Darkened Way” within a Fractured Peak to have a breakthrough from this bug.
  2. Many of them think “Darkened Way” is the main quest. However, they should know it is a part of the “A Serpent Cornered” Quest.
  3. Players should be remarkably determined to complete the quest by performing it time and again until they succeed.
  4. Moreover, you have to constantly check the gaming forums, for they can find several solutions from other users.

Diablo 4: Reward After Completing “A Serpent Cornered”

After completing the quest “A Serpent Cornered,” players can attain the Vampiric Power known as the Metamorphosis.

Similarly, it is a powerful as well as convenient ability that players can use while fighting a large number of enemies.

Quest Completed
The quest is completed after the player defeats Lord Zir.

Moreover, this ability allows players to successfully transform into a cloud of bats, which is unstoppable for 4 seconds.

Besides that, you can wreak nearby enemies with 160% Physical damage and inflict them with a Vampiric Curse.

The Bottom Line

Players can enjoy completing the quest “A Serpent Cornered” as it presents them with unique challenges.

Similarly, they can continue their quest after finding the “A Darkened Way” quest in Fractured Peaks.

In Summary, after completing the quest “A Serpent Cornered,” players get access to the Vampiric power “Metamorphosis.”

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