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Nightingale Crude Tea Set: Resources To Craft Outfit

In Nightingale, the Crude Tea Set is a coveted schematic, a blueprint that players can either craft or obtain from the in-game traders.

Players must gather resources like Craved Stone, Twine, and Lumber to craft it.

On the other hand, it can also be bought from the Desert Antiquarian Essence Trader, located in the desert biome.

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Nightingale Crude Tea Set: Getway To Smoothblore shotgun

Nightingale Crude Tea Set is the schematic that holds the key to accessing a spectrum of crafting possibilities in the game.

Moreover, the Nightingale Crude Tea Set serves as the keystone for players seeking to arm themselves with potent firearms.

Players can craft weapons like Smoothbore Shotgun using Crude Tea Set augmentation in Nightingale.

However, locating and unlocking the schematic will test the player’s gear and also see their face up against enemies.

Players can either buy the Crude tea set from the Desert Antiquarian Essence Trader or craft it using the required resources.

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Resources To Craft The Nightingale Crude Tea Set

Crafting the Nightingale Crude Tea Set needs players to collect 2x Craved Stone, 2x Twine, and 1x Lumber.

In Nightingale, to craft these aforementioned components players need a Simple Masonry Bench.

Collect Craved Stone, Twine and Lumber to craft the Crude Tea Set
Collect Craved Stone, Twine and Lumber to craft the Crude Tea Set.

Crafting the Simple Masonry bench needs players to open the Building drop-down on the upper middle portion of the screen.

It will cost 4x Lumber, 4x Stone blocks, and 4x Animal Fibre to build. 

However, here is the guide that players can follow to gather these required resources to build the Masonry bench and ultimately the Crude Tea Set.

1. Lumber

In Nightingale, Lumber is an item processed from Wood Bundle.

Refine the wood to make the Lumber
Refine the wood to make the Lumber.

Players must chop the logs that they see on the ground to get the Lumber in the Nightingale.

2. Craved Stones

In Nightingale, to craft the Craved Stones in Nightingale, players must get the 2x Stone blocks.

Players must venture into the surrounding environment of the Fae Realms to gather the necessary resources.

Hence, they must use a Pickaxe and mine the stone piles around the map to craft the Craved Stones.

3. Twine

In Nightingale, to craft the Twine, players need to gather some fibres and have a Simple Spinning Wheel.

However, players can collect resources from any leafy shrubs and long grass plants to gather Plant Fibers.

4. Animal Fibre

Players must find the deer, and boar that they can hunt using the hunting knife or any other tools.

Upon defeating this animal, players will be able to obtain the Meat from it.

However, players must spend 2 Raw Meat at the Tanning Station to craft 1 Animal Fibre.

Where To Find Desert Antiquarian Essence Trader?

In Nightingale, players must gather the necessary resources to survive in the game.

They can buy and gather all these resources by searching for some in-game traders.

However, the initial crafting options are limited, so players need to search for Essence Traders to unlock new possibilities.

For this, players should open their map within their desert biome to find the Desert Antiquarian Essence Trader.

After that they must look for a marker indicating the presence of an Essence Trader, this marker should be visible on the map.

Upon finding the Essence Trader, players can explore their inventory, which likely includes recipes for new workbenches, tools, and resources.

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