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Is Overwatch 2 Story Mode Cancelled?

Overwatch 2 was supposed to feature a story mode that would expand the lore and narrative of the Overwatch universe.

However, fans who were eagerly waiting for the PvE content have been met with disappointing news.

The Overwatch 2 PVE modes, Story mode, and Hero mode were cancelled as the company could not deliver the original version for PVE modes, as showcased in 2019. 

Continue reading to find out more about if the story mode is also cancelled in Overwatch 2.

Cancellation Of Story And Hero PVE Modes In Overwatch 2

Story Experience Mode and Hero Mode were part of the significant PVE features in Overwatch 2.

Players were eagerly waiting for the release of the new exciting features of the PVE modes in Overwatch 2.

However, the official news of the cancellation of PVE modes makes the players frustrated and angry.

PVE modes Cancelled
The Overwatch 2 developer apologizes to the players for being unable to create the hero and story mode.

Story Experience Mode Of Overwatch 2

The Story Experience mode was the main story part of Overwatch 2’s PvE content.

Furthermore, the Story mode was a fascinating aspect of the Overwatch for the players due to its new storytelling concept.

Besides the main idea of this mode was to tell a story while playing together against a shared enemy.

In this mode, players become a part of Overwatch to work together to fight against the bad guys called Null Sector.

The gameplay emphasizes players playing together in missions against computer-controlled enemies called Omnic.

Hence, the role of players in this mode was to protect different corners of the earth in different new maps from the enemies.

Hero Mode Of Overwatch 2 

Hero Mode was also one of the PVE contents of Overwatch which got cancelled.

In the Hero mode, players could replay the mission multiple times as it was replayable.

Hence, the replayable feature could give different experiences each time to the players.

Furthermore, the missions in the Hero mode were available in alternate versions of the multiplayer maps.

The Hero mode had various new missions with concepts like Gather and Return and The Intriguing Wall of Death.

In addition, Hero Missions were also designed to allow players to upgrade and customize their heroes through the talent trees. 

Overwatch 2 Promises PVE Content

Both Story Experience and Hero Missions were meant to make playing against the computer more exciting in Overwatch 2.

They wanted players to team up and play together while learning more about the Overwatch world.

However, these features were officially cancelled during the development process.

The players who were eagerly waiting for the release of the both Hero and Story modes of the game are angry.

Thus, after officially announcing the cancellation of the PVE mode, Overwatch 2 promises its fans that they will still get PVE content.

Story Missions In Overwatch 2: Invasion Bundle

After cancelling the PVE, players can still get the story missions mode in Overwatch 2 after the Overwatch 2 invasion launch.

Furthermore, players can get one-story mode missions through the battle pass of the Invasion bundle.

The one aspect that infuriates the players is that they must buy the battle pass every season to be able to play the story mode.

Hence, players must pay $15 for an Invasion bundle to play the story mode in Overwatch 2.

On top of that the Overwatch 2 developers are also cutting out promised features in the story mode.

Story missions in Invasion bundle
Instead of the PVE modes, Overwatch 2 introduces story missions which players must buy for $15 every season.

Hence, there are no features like talent trees and replayability in the story mode which is frustrating the players.

In addition, the graphics and gameplay have also no significant changes in the story mode.

The Overwatch 2 invasion bundle includes permanent access to invasion story missions, 1000 Overwatch coins, etc.

Moreover, you also get access to the Earnable Vigilante Sojourn Legendary Skin and Sojourn hero unlock.

The Bottom Line

The Overwatch 2 developers gave up on the idea of the PVE modes as it was difficult for them to implement talent tree features.

Instead of the PVE hero mode, players can now play the Story missions mode in the new Invasion version.

However, the story missions are not free and they do not include features like talent trees, upgrading heroes, etc.

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