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How To Get An Ionic Crystal In Remnant 2?

Players must acquire crafting materials to make various items, such as weapons, armor, amulets, and rings.

Therefore, defeated enemies, formidable bosses, and other enemies can provide these items.

The Ionic Crystal in Remnant 2 has exceptional conductivity and absorbent qualities and is a typical but distinctive crafting material. Drzyr’s atomic and molecular physics expertise can transform even the most basic materials into novel molecules.

This comprehensive guide will teach you about crafting materials, including Ionic Crystal in Remnant 2 and how to get it.

What Is Crafting Material?

A gaming resource that may be utilized to make new armor, weapons, and other items is known as a crafting material.

You can usually find crafting materials by overcoming foes, going on adventures, or fulfilling tasks.

Remnant 2 has various crafting supplies, each with its unique qualities.

While certain crafting supplies can be used to make a range of products, some can only be used to make sure items.

For instance, scrap is a typical crafting component that may be used to make various things, such as armor, upgrades, and weapons.

Remnant 2 emphasizes the need for crafting supplies. They enable players to craft potent weapons and armor.

Moreover, players can apply them to already-existing goods to make them better.

Therefore, crafting materials are must-have items for the players of Remnant 2.

Players can build strong armor and weapons to help them survive in the complex game world by gathering and crafting items.

What Is Ionic Crystal In Remnant 2?

Ionic Crystals are a common but unique crafting material found in Yaesha.

ionic crystal remnant 2
Ionic Crystals are common in nature and have unique conductive and absorptive properties.

It is a common but unique crafting material with unusual conductive and absorptive properties.

They have unusual conductive and porous properties, which Drzyr uses to create innovative compounds.

This proficiency allows them to use Ionic Crystals to create powerful weapons, armor, and other valuable items.

Therefore, Ionic Crystals are a valuable resource and players who can find them will be well-equipped for their journey.

Uses Of Ionic Crystal

Players can utilize Ionic Crystals to create a wide range of armor and weaponry, such as the following:

1. Ravager’s Maw

It is a melee weapon with Slash and Corruption damage. Moreover, its distinctive “Ravager’s Mark” ability makes foes bleed when struck.

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2. Merciless Long Gun

It is a long-range weapon with significant damage output. Because it is a cursed weapon, it will gradually deplete your health.

3. Red Doe Staff

This is also a melee weapon that deals significant damage and applies a bleeding effect.

How To Get Ionic Crystal In Remnant 2?

Players can find Ionic Crystals in various locations in the Yaesha realm. These locations are as follows:

1. The Timeless Horizon

Several adversaries live in this vast open space, including the Ichorclaw.

When you defeat the Ichorclaw, it drops Ionic Crystals, making it a potent foe.

2. The Obsidian Pinnacle

The Yaesha realm is home to this vast dungeon. Numerous adversaries are living in the Obsidian Pinnacle, including the Obsidian Golem.

Defeating the strong opponent known as the Obsidian Golem results in dropping Ionic Crystals.

3. The Drzyr Labs

This is a large laboratory that is located in the Yaesha realm.

The Drzyr Engineer is only one of the many opponents that call the Drzyr Labs home.

Ionic Crystals are dropped when you beat the Drzyr Engineer, a strong foe.

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The Bottom Line

Crafting materials are an essential part of Remnant 2.

By collecting and using crafting materials, players can create powerful weapons and armor to help them survive in the game’s challenging world.

Moreover, Ionic Crystals in Remnant 2 are an essential crafting component.

Therefore, if you want to upgrade your gear, it is worth looking for them because you can utilize them to create a range of potent weapons and armor.

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