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Nightingale Uncommon Item: Apply Infusions For Max Power

In Nightingale, players are given the quest to apply an infusion to an uncommon item.

Infusions are one of the wonderful ways to upgrade your weapons and armor in Nightingale.

Players can infuse their uncommon items to improve their overall performance, which will be helpful during the battle.

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Available Rarity Levels In Nightingale

It is essential to learn about the available items in Nightiangle before learning the mechanism of infusion.

Simultaneously, players must understand the concept of equipment rarity in Nightingale before they progress forward.

In Nightingale, players can find various weapons and armor ranging from different rarity types.

You can find weapons of common to uncommon, rare, and then epic rarity levels while playing Nightingale.

Crafting Uncommon Item In Nightingale
Players must craft certain infusions to upgrade the rarity levels of these items in Nightingale.

It is essential to understand the mechanics of all these rarity levels, as each of them has its own significance.

Additionally, each rarity level displays the item’s strength and potential in the game.

For instance, common is the least powerful, epic is the most powerful, and uncommon is one step up from common.

With the help of infusions and essential resources, players can upgrade the rarity levels of their weapons in Nightingale.

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How To Infuse Uncommon Items In Nightingale?

In Nightiangle, players come across this quest where they have to apply an infusion to an uncommon item.

However, players cannot obtain this quest unless they complete the quest called Upgrade an item to Uncommon Quality.

Thus, players need to complete the sequence of events before they can infuse an uncommon item into Nightingale.

Here is a step-by-step guide to Infusing the Uncommon Item in Nightingale:

1. Craft Uncommon Upgrade In Nightingale

To upgrade your items to Uncommon rarity in Nightingale, players must gather the T1 Essence by exploring the areas.

You can visit specific areas like Antiquarian, Astrolabe, and Provisioner to obtain the T1 Essence.

Following this, players must visit the Forest Antiquarian Essence Trader and acquire the Simple Upgrade Bench Card.

Upon having both the T1 Essence and Upgrade Bench Cards, players can begin the transformation of their equipment strength.

You should build a Simple Upgrade Bech and select the tool or weapon you wish to upgrade to the Uncommon rarity level.

2. Craft Infusion For Uncommon Items

Once you have upgraded an item to Uncommon Quality, players are provided with the next task: to apply the infusion.

Players must craft the infusion before they can use it with the uncommon items in Nightingale.

To craft the Infusion for Uncommon Items, head to the Simple Enchanter’s Focus Bench and craft the desired infusion.

It is up to the player’s decision to choose the infusion for their uncommon items based on their gameplay.

However, players can select T1 Essence as an optimal choice for this quest in Nightingale.

3. Apply Infusion To Uncommon Items

After crafting your desired infusion in Nightingale, players can apply the infusion to their uncommon items.

The items gain new powers and become stronger than before when an infusion is added.

Apply Infusion to Uncommon Item
Upon crafting the infusion, players can apply it to their desired uncommon item in Nightingale.

Navigate to your inventory and right-click on the infusion section to locate the infusion you crafted.

Subsequently, select the uncommon item you wish to enhance and apply an infusion to it.

With a simple click, your uncommon item is now infused with profound power, ready to assist you in Nightingale’s adventure.

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