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Your Path In Rogue Trader: Dogmatic, Heretical, Or Iconoclast

There are three alignments you can choose from in the Rogue Trader.

They are Dogmatic, Heretical, and Iconoclast with each having different features.

In Rogue Trader, you can choose between three alignments, i.e., Dogmatic, Heretical, and Iconoclas that define your character’s moral stance and beliefs.

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What Are Alignments In Rogue Trader?

In Rogue Trader, alignments refer to the convictions that define a character’s moral stance and beliefs.

There are three main alignment systems, Dogmatic, Heretical, and Iconoclast.

These alignments influence your character’s choices, dialogue options, and the overall narrative, providing role-playing depth.

rogue trader or
Rogue Trader has 3 Alignments you can choose from.

1. Dogmatic

Dogmatic characters have a belief in the holiness of the Emperor and strict adherence to Imperial laws.

They also have a strong loyalty to the Imperium and a willingness to eliminate enemies without hesitation.

2. Heretical

These characters embrace Chaos Gods and pursue dark powers.

Moreover, there is an inclination towards malevolent actions, with a thirst for power and a willingness to commit evil deeds.

3. Iconoclast

They have a belief in the value of human life and freedom.

Iconoclast characters prefer compromise over destruction, challenge traditional beliefs, and take a more humanistic approach.

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Dogmatic, Heretical, Or Iconoclast: Which Alignment Should You Choose? 

When deciding which alignment to choose in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader consider your playstyle and narrative preferences.

Dogmatic means loyalty to the God-Emperor and strict Imperial laws, giving a strong Imperial focus.

However, Heretical goes for Chaos, with powerful abilities but higher corruption risks.

Additionally, Iconoclast values human life and freedom, allowing flexibility and positive relations.

iconoclast heretical or dogmatic
Your choice is based on your personal preferences.

However, here is a detailed account of each alignment including its advantages and disadvantages:

Dogmatic Alignment

The major features of this alignment are:

  1. Belief in the Emperor: These characters have a strong loyalty to the God-Emperor of Mankind.
  2. Adherence to Imperial Laws: They also have strict following of the laws and doctrines of the Imperium.
  3. Hatred for Enemies: There is an intense dislike for traitors, heretics, xenos, and Chaos servants.

Moreover, here are some of the advantages of Dogmatic Alignment:

  • Imperial Support: It gains support from Imperial authorities.
  • Combat Prowess: Characters are inclined towards decisive and ruthless actions in combat.

Also, some of the disadvantages of Dogmatic Alignment are:

  • Rigid Morality: They have limited flexibility in decision-making.
  • Strained Relations: Also, they have tensions with non-imperial factions.

Heretical Alignment

The major features of this alignment are:

  1. Chaos Worship: Heretical characters have alignment with Chaos Gods and Dark Powers.
  2. Malevolence: There is an inclination towards evil deeds and the pursuit of power.
  3. Unpredictability: They embrace chaos and unpredictability.

Moreover, here are some of the advantages of Heretical Alignment:

  • Dark Powers: They have access to potent and corrupting abilities.
  • Fear Factor: They strike fear into enemies with chaotic unpredictability.

Also, some of the disadvantages of Heretical Alignment are:

  • Corruption Risk: These characters have increased susceptibility to Chaos corruption.
  • Imperial Hostility: They face hostility from Imperial forces.

Iconoclast Alignment

The features of Iconoclast Alignment are as follows:

  1. Value of Human Life: There is a belief in the sanctity of human life and freedom.
  2. Compromise Over Destruction: These characters prefer negotiation and compromise.
  3. Challenges Traditional Beliefs: They question and challenge established Imperial norms.

Moreover, here are some of the advantages of this alignment:

  • Flexibility: There is more flexibility in decision-making.
  • Humanitarian Approach: There is potential for positive relationships with non-imperial factions.

Also, some of the disadvantages are:

  • Imperial Disapproval: They may face skepticism or disapproval from staunch Imperial factions.
  • Conflict with Dogmatic: They might have potential conflicts with those loyal to strict Imperial beliefs.

The Bottom Line

In Rogue Trader, there are three alignments, i.e., Dogmatic, Heretical, and Iconoclast, each shaping your character’s beliefs.

Each offers a unique playstyle and has its advantages and disadvantages.

However, the choice is yours to make, influencing the game’s storyline.

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