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Old Acquaintances: Banishers Ghosts Of New Eden Mission

In Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, players come across one of the interesting quests called Old Acquaintances.

Players must visit the area of The Mire Marshes to begin the Old Acquaintances quest in the game.

Alongside the Old Acquaintances quest, Mire Marshes also offers another quest called The Swamp Witch.

Continue reading to learn more about the Old Acquaintances Quest In Ghosts Of New Eden.

What Is Old Acquaintances Quest In Banishers Ghosts Of New Eden?

In Banishers: Ghost Of New Eden, players must complete 16 main quests to mark the game’s completion.

Similalry, players can initiate their Old Acquaintances quest by visiting the Mire Marshes region within the game.

Old Acquaintances stands out for integrating supernatural elements and promises an adventure filled with danger.

Players must be cautious while venturing through this quest, as it blends mystery and supernatural elements.

During this quest, players must traverse the treacherous world of Mire Marshes and explore around Old Fort.

Moreover, the main purpose of this quest is to reach Eden Town and Light the Spirit Chasers in its surroundings.

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Old Acquaintance In Banishers Ghosts Of New Eden: Quest Guide

Completing the mission requires dedication and willpower to fight against formidable enemies that come along.

To begin the journey, players must arrive at the Mire Marshes and reach out to the Mossy WatchTower.

The main task of the Old Acquaintance is to reach the New Eden Town and perform the banishment ritual.

Here is step by step guide to complete the Old Acquaintance Quest  in Banishers Ghosts of New Eden:

1. Rest At The Shelter

Players should initiate their journey from the Mossy WatchTower to the New Oden Town to complete this quest.

Similarly, Rest At the Shelter is an initial objective that players should complete.

During this journey, players come across one of the enemies in the game, you should defeat him using your guns.

Rest At The Shelter In Banishers Ghost Of new Eden
Players must rest at the shelter before venturing to the New Eden Town in Banishers Ghost Of New Eden.

Upon defeating the enemy, players can find the house by crossing the river.

However, players must find a way to unlock a door before they can rest at the shelter.

Head to the top floor of the house and shoot down the door to unlock it easily.

Subsequently, you can enter the house and rest at the shelter by lighting up the fire inside.

2. Join Antea

After lighting up the fire inside the Shelter, players can spot Antea.

While resting at the shelter, you will have a lively conversation with Antea related to the New Smith Sisters.

Subsequently, players should follow Antea as she leads the way.

Defeat the enemies by working together with Antea during your journey.

3. Find A Way To The Fort

The next objective in this mission is to find a Way to the Fort.

Since all the doors of the Fort are locked, visit the ground floor and search for the Helm to open the Door.

During their journey, players come across formidable enemies which they should defeat by working with Antea.

Upon defeating these enemies, players can continue their journey to the New Eden Town.

4. Talk To Seeker

While traversing around the way, players come across the Seeker who is fighting against the spirits.

These spirits are known as the Spectres, learn more about them by talking to the Seeker.

After talking to the Seeker, players should agree to banish these Spectres from New Eden Town.

5. Light The Spirit Chasers

Players should engage in battle with the spirits by utilizing their skills and abilities to banish them from New Eden.

Similarly, the easiest way to do so is by performing the ritual of the banishment.

Light The Spirit Chasers
Players must light 3 of the Spirit Chasers to banish the spirits from the new Eden Town.

Players should light 3 Light Spirit Chasers and perform ancient rituals to dispel the curse of New Eden.

Upon lighting the 3 Light Spirit Chasers, visit the Seeker and report back to him.

Finally, this marks the completion of the Acuqaintances quest in Banishers Ghost Of New Eden.

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