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How To Survive The Rainy Weather In Lethal Company?

The Lethal Company introduces a Lightning Storm in the moons with rainy weather conditions.

While everything in the game tries to kill you, this new weather condition makes things even harder.

In Lethal Company, the moon, with rainy weather conditions and lightning storms, will create thick mud or quicksand. To survive the quicksand, you must identify and avoid dark spots on the ground and throw metal items from your inventory to survive the Lightning storms.

Continue reading to learn more about surviving the Lethal Company’s Rainy weather conditions.

Different Weather Conditions In Lethal Company

Different weather conditions happen in Lethal Company, which adds more challenges to the game.

You can go to your terminals and type moon to see the weather conditions on each moon before you land on it.

rainy weather
The rainy weather in Lethal Company is very deadly, and difficult to survive in the rain.

Many weather conditions include Foggy, Flooding, Raining, Stormy and Eclipse in Lethal Company.

In addition, each weather condition has its own life-threatening challenges ready for you.

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Surviving The Rainy Weather In Lethal Company

The Rainy Weather in Lethal Company starts when the sky pours water droplets.

When these water droplets hit the moon’s ground, they create thick mud and quicksand.

1. Avoid Getting Caught In The Deadly Quicksand 

This quicksand is very deadly, and if you get caught in one, it can kill you.

During the daytime, you can identify these quicksands from a distance as they look darker in color.

However, you can get caught in one of these quicksand easily during nighttime as you cannot see it in the dark.

If you step on the thick mud or quicksand, the mud will start pulling you into the ground and suffocates you.

To survive the quicksand, you must identify and avoid dark spots on the ground.

The quicksand will submerge you beneath the ground, so you must build your stamina and jump to escape it.

So, the best strategy to release yourself from quicksand is to retreat quickly as soon as you step into the quicksand.

2. Sharpen Your Hearing Skills To Avoid Quicksand

You must sharpen your hearing skills while exploring the rainy moons to survive the weather challenges.

Furthermore, you can avoid getting caught in the quicksand by hearing your feet’ sounds.

You can hear your feet making mud-stepping sounds when you get near a quicksand.

Hence, it is best to explore the rainy moon during the daytime as you can spot the quicksand from afar.

The Lightning Storms In The Rainy Moon 

The game developers have added a new weather hazard on the moon with rainy weather conditions.

Hence, you have to face and survive the lightning storms while dealing with the rainy weather on the moon.

struck by lightning
The Lethal Company introduces a Lightning Storm in the moons with rainy weather conditions.

You must not only focus on grounds for quicksand but also be aware of the lightning storms from the sky.

The rainy weather conditions and lightning storms will definitely give you a hard time in Lethal Company.

Avoid Lightning Storm: Throw Metals From Your Inventory 

The lightning storm is very powerful. If it hits you once, it instantly kills you.

The metals attract lightning, so you must avoid areas with more metals scattered as lightning can strike there more.

If you have metal items in your inventory, it is best to throw them away to avoid strikes from lightning storms.

Besides, metals are heavy, so leaving them out will make you lighter and help you jump out of quicksand with less stamina.

The Bottom Line

You must master the art of survival by winning against the weather challenges in Lethal Company.

Hence, the quicksand and lightning storms will increase difficulty levels and sharpen observational skills.

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