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One Piece 1109 Spoilers: Luffy Unleashes Gear 5 Against Saturn

One Piece 1109 is the latest chapter of the manga, which is not released yet.

The chapter 1109 is likely to continue the Egghead Island arc.

Significantly, it features Luffy and his allies facing off against the Navy and a mysterious enemy named Saturn.

Continue reading to learn some of the spoilers and predictions for the upcoming One Piece chapter 1109.

One Piece 1109: The Egghead Island Arc

The Egghead Island arc is the current arc of the manga, which started from chapter 1065.

The arc takes place on Egghead Island, a remote island that is shaped like a giant egg and is home to a secret laboratory of Dr. Vegapunk. 

Luffy and his crew arrived on the island after receiving a message from Vegapunk.

He claims to have important information about the One Piece.

However, they soon discovered that the message was a trap set by the Navy.

egghead one piece
The Egghead Island arc is the current arc of the manga.

He sent a fleet of 100 ships and nine Vice Admirals to capture or kill the Straw Hats.

The Navy also revealed their new ally, Saturn, a mysterious figure who claims to be the island’s true ruler and the Iron Giant’s creator.

Further, the Straw Hats split up to explore the island and find a way to escape.

Along the way, they encountered various enemies and allies, such as the Egghead Pirates, the Giant Pirates, and Admiral Kizaru.

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One Piece 1109 Spoilers And Predictions

Here are some of the spoilers and predictions for the One Piece chapter 1109:

1. Luffy Vs Saturn

The main event of the chapter will be the showdown between Luffy and Saturn, who finally face each other in a one-on-one battle.

Luffy will unleash his Gear 5, a new form he developed while training with Rayleigh.

Gear 5 will allow Luffy to increase his size, strength, speed, and durability.

As well as Gear 5 manipulates his rubber properties to create various attacks.

Saturn will also reveal his true identity and power, as he claims to be a former member of the Roger Pirates.

Further, he claims he uses the Egg-Egg Fruit, a rare and powerful Devil Fruit.

Notably, this fruit allows him to control and create anything from eggs.

The battle will be intense and destructive, as both fighters will use their full power to defeat each other.

spoiler 1109
Luffy will unleash his Gear 5.

2. Sanji And Franky Vs Kizaru

Another major fight of the chapter will be the team-up of Sanji and Franky against Kizaru.

He is determined to stop the Straw Hats from escaping.

Sanji and Franky will use their skills and inventions to counter Kizaru’s light-based attacks, such as Sanji’s Diable Jambe.

Sanji will also activate his Germa mode, a transformation that he inherited from his family.

Significantly, it enhances his physical abilities and gives him access to various gadgets.

However, Kizaru will not be easy to defeat, as he is one of the Navy’s strongest fighters and has vast experience in combat.

Sanji will activate his Germa mode.

3. Dorry And Brogy Vs The Navy

The chapter will also show the battle’s progress between Dorry and Brogy and the Navy.

Generally, they are trying to stop them from breaking through the blockade.

Dorry and Brogy will use their immense strength and axes to smash the Navy ships and Marines.

Meanwhile, they also inspire the other giants to join them.

The Navy will try to stop them with their cannons, guns, and Devil Fruit users.

Moreover, the giants’ power and numbers will overwhelm them.

Contrarily, the chapter will end with Dorry and Brogy reaching the Iron Giant and preparing to activate it.

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