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Will Firefly Be Playable? Death Leaks HSR

Honkai Star Rail (HSR) is an RPG game that introduces lots of characters but causing them death is a very rare occurrence.

In version 2.0 of Honkai Star Rail, a significant character called Firefly was killed in a cutscene.

This incident has caused a huge stir in the HSR community as Firefly was one of the beloved characters.

Continue reading this article to find out if Firefly will be playable in Honkai Star Rail.

Who Is Firefly In HSR?

After every major update, Honkai Star Rail introduces a huge cast of characters in its RPG world.

Similarly, Firefly is one such character that the game introduced during the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 livestream.

Firefly in HSR
The in-game appearance of Firefly in HSR.

She is an interstellar refugee who has caught a rare disease called Entropy Loss Syndrome.

This disease makes the victim’s body flail and causes delayed action to the physical body until it fades away.

However, she is free of this disease while in Penacony as characters can live inside the dream world.

Currently, she is one of the stars in the Trailblaze missions, as players can slowly learn about her.

Is Firefly Stowaway In HSR?

When players progress through and reach Sleepless Nights quests, they should Investigate the Source Of Disturbance.

During this scenario, players will hear two characters yelling at Firefly and calling her a Stowaway.

Unfortunately, after continuous threats and calling an honored guest, Firefly does admit she is a Stowaway.

Stowaway in HSR means the characters who enter the territory of  Dreamscape by breaking the law.

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Firefly Death Sequence In HSR

On the latest version 2.0 of HSR, many players were shocked as the game decided to kill Firefly.

After interacting with the Trailblazer, Firefly attempts to return to Reverie from Golden Hour.

However, Sparkle intervenes and throws them into the real Dreamscape where they face a new challenge.

In the real Dreamscape, both Firefly and Trailblazer face off against the new boss ‘Something Unto Death‘.

Firefly stabbled by Something unto death in HSR
Firefly was stabbed by Something unto Death in HSR in the last cutscene.

They barely escape, however, some characters like Himeko and March 7 re-enter the dream world to uncover its secrets.

Then, Black Swan surprises them by announcing that Firefly is also in the Dreamscape, and Death is actively hunting her.

In the final cutscene, the main cast of characters finally meets Firefly, initiating a joyous reunion.

However, Something Upon Death suddenly appears out of nowhere and stabs Firefly in the chest.

Is Firefly Physically Dead?

Many fans of HSR are discussing the legitimacy of Firefly’s death as she is one of the important characters.

But it is clear as a day that she was stabbed by Something Unto Death and her body instantly disappears.

Hence, players must not confuse the cause of her death with Entropy Loss Syndrome disease but the main boss.

However, hopeful players speculate that she might be alive, as someone only killed her in the dream world.

Furthermore, Black Swan asks players to look for her remaining memories in the dream world, hinting at her survival.

But Firefly is out of the main storyline until the game decides to bring her back in the future.

Therefore, players must become active in the HSR community and wait until the game announces its news.

Firefly HSR: Will She Be Playable In Future?

Firefly’s death incident seems very out of line as there was rarely any buildup till she was killed.

Therefore, players are already discussing on Reddit threads that the HSR will probably bring Firefly as Playable.

Also, she was featured in an official livestream, highlighting her importance to the story.

Hence, HSR will most likely bring her back and make her playable, as she has a unique design.

Additionally, she rarely revealed her ideals before her death, indicating that there is some unfinished story.

But players have no option but to wait until further story develops in the upcoming updates.

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