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Why Should You Open Your Mind To Tadpole In BG3?

In the exciting world of BG3, players come across a big decision that brings incredible powers like an open mind to a tadpole.

The game brings in a unique idea with tadpoles’ strange parasites that give extraordinary abilities to brave people who accept them.

But the question is, should you let these mysterious creatures into your mind or stay away?

The choice to open your mind to Tadpole in BG3 is entirely up to you. If you wish to get the Mind Flayer abilities, embrace the magic of Tadpoles, but you will face some consequences.

In this article, we look at the exciting choice of whether to use tadpoles in BG3 and see what could happen next.

What Is Tadpole In BG3?

When you begin your adventure in BG3, something strange happens after Mind Flayer puts a tiny creature called a tadpole into your eye.

This is a big moment because it sets up an important decision you’ll have to make.

A tadpole in BG3 is a mysterious thing that promises to grant extraordinary powers.

Similarly, it leads to a crucial decision: whether to embrace these powers or resist their allure due to the potential consequences.

The game tells you that these tadpoles are not supposed to be in your head, and other characters in the game agree.

But as you keep playing, you’ll get chances to use the special abilities these tadpoles give you.

This creates a choice do you use their power or not? It’s a decision that will shape your journey in the game.

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Unlocking The Skill Tree

If you choose to embrace the magic of the tadpoles, you can unlock a special skill tree in Baldur’s Gate 3.

This skill tree gives you access to amazing abilities like changing things around, making things better and causing damage to enemies.

And here’s a fun surprise, you can even turn into a creature called a Displacer Beast, which is super cool!

The Displacer Beast in Baldur’s Gate 3.

This means you can try out different tactics and have even more fun while playing the game.

Furthermore, it’s like discovering a whole new way to enjoy the adventure!

Open Your Mind To Tadpoles Or Not?

The heart of the decision lies in whether you should consume the tadpoles or refrain from doing so.

If you wish to wield the potent Mind Flayer abilities and eventually become one, embracing the tadpoles is your route.

mind flayer BG3
Get the Mind Flayer abilities by opening your mind to Tadpoles in BG3.

However, if you prefer to distance yourself from their influence, you can choose not to open your mind to these parasites.

Therefore, it is completely up to you to choose your path.

Tadpoles: Power and Consequences

Consuming tadpoles has its benefits; it grants you access to the Illithid Power Tree, containing three tiers of abilities.

With each tadpole consumed, new powers are unlocked, adding depth and complexity to your character’s abilities.

Once you’ve consumed the Supreme Tadpole, you will even transform into a full-fledged Mind Flayer.

Moreover, this progression offers the opportunity to unlock achievements, such as the intriguingly named Ceremorphosis.

A Different Path: When Can You Begin?

Opting not to open your mind to tadpole in BG3 is also a valid approach.

This choice is supported by certain party members who have reservations about the tadpole’s influence.

However, this decision comes at the cost of missing out on the Illithid Powers.

Despite this, it may affect your gameplay and strategy dynamics.

Your journey to embracing or resisting the tadpoles starts with Ilithid prompts scattered throughout the game.

As the story unfolds, these prompts offer dialogue options that lead to unlocking the Illithid Power Tree.

Once this tree is accessible, you can begin using the tadpoles’ powers to shape your character’s abilities and destiny.

The Bottom Line

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the decision to open your mind to the power of tadpoles adds a layer of complexity and intrigue to the gameplay.

The choice is yours to wield unparalleled abilities and risk surrendering to the influence of the parasites.

As you navigate this dilemma, remember that your choices will shape your adventure.

It can lead to different outcomes and ultimately define your unique journey.

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