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Unleash The Tadpole Powers In Baldur’s Gate 3

Tadpole Power/Illithid Powers is a unique mechanic in BG3.

The overuse of these Powers can have serious drawbacks, but the strength within these Powers is unmatched. 

Tadpole Powers in BG3 are unique skills that players obtain through the Tadpole in their brains. There are three tiers of the Tadpole Powers, and players can gain more as they progress through the story.

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What Are Tadpole Powers In BG3?

Tadpole Powers or Illithid Powers are abilities that players can use through the worm in their brain.

The players obtain the worm at the beginning of the story. More precisely, it is inserted into their brains in the beginning.

Furthermore, in the beginning, players use the worm to have telepathic conversations with certain NPCs.

However, as players keep using certain Tadpole Powers, they start to unlock more Powers and upgrades for their existing Tadpole Powers.

Players can also consume other Tadpoles to unlock new Tadpole Powers or upgrade their existing ones.

Additionally, players can convince their companions to consume the Tadpoles to gain Tadpole Powers.

Furthermore, players can consume Tadpoles obtained from NPCs in the game.

This allows the players to increase the number of skills they unlock significantly.

How To Obtain Tadpole Powers In BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Tadpole Powers are of three distinct tiers that are accessible after the players meet certain criteria.

However, players obtain the first tier at the beginning of the story.

But, if players want to unlock tiers 2 and 3, players must progress through the story quite significantly.

Tier1 tadpole power Bg3
Tier 1 Tadpole Power in Baldur’s Gate 3

Players must consume an Astral Tadpole to obtain the second tier of the Tadpole Powers. Players obtain the Tadpole from their guardian.

Astral tadpole unlocks tier2 power Bg3
Astral Tadpole unlocks tier 2 of Tadpole Powers in Baldur’s Gate 3.

This allows the players to unlock the second tier and access various new skills.

Lastly, players must consume the Supreme Tadpole to unlock the third tier.

However, players will only be able to obtain this Tadpole near the end of the story.

Supreme tadpole converts players into mind flayers Bg3
Supreme Tadpole converts players into a Mind Flayer.

Furthermore, this unlock comes with a huge disadvantage.

Players will become full-fledged mind flayers after consuming the Supreme Tadpole.

The only difference is that the players will have their conscience intact and will not follow a hive of Mind Flayers.

How to turn into mind flayer in bg3?
Players completely turn into Mind Flayers after consuming the Supreme Tadpole.

The players will automatically unlock every Tadpole skill and even stronger versions of some skills after becoming the Flayer.

Moreover, the players will completely change into Mind Flayers, thus, the player customization will be for naught.

Thus, when you obtain the Supreme Tadpole, make your decision wisely.

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The Bottom Line

Illithid Powers are one of the unique methods whose overuse can come with a huge downside.

Furthermore, if you choose to become a full-fledged mind flayer, many NPCs will become hostile toward you.

However, you will gain Power, and with great Power comes great responsibility and with great Power can come many downsides.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in understanding the Tadpole/Illithid Powers in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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