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Oscar The Tiger Skins In Fortnite: How To Unlock It?

Chapter 5 Season 1 of Fortnite introduced new characters in the battle pass and Oscar the Tiger is one of them.

However, free-to-play players cannot get this skin as it requires players to purchase the battle pass.

In Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, players must buy the battle pass with 950 Vbucks to unlock Oscar the Tiger by collecting 9 Battle Stars and reaching level 14. However, players must also unlock all the reward slots before him, to finally unlock Oscar.

Continue reading this article to learn about Oscar the Tiger in Fortnite.

Introduction To Oscar The Tiger

Fortnite releases a battle pass every month, introducing new characters and cosmetics into the game.

Similarly, Fortnite has released a new battle bass this month, introducing 7 new unlockable characters.

Among those characters is a unique skin called Oscar the Tiger that stands out from the rest.

Oscar the tiger
Oscar the Tiger appears on page 3 of the Battle pass.

Appearance-wise, Oscar is an orange tiger that appears on page three of the battle pass.

Moreover, Oscar is an Epic Skin, meaning that he is bound to have more skin variants.

Hence, Oscar skin has two more unlockable variants of skins besides the default form. They are:

  • Champion Oscar
  • Shock Brawler Oscar

To find Oscar, players must navigate to page three of the battle pass and reach the end of the reward slot.

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How To Unlock Oscar The Tiger In Fortnite?

In Fortnite, players must complete various quests or reach a level cap to unlock certain characters.

Similarly, Oscar the Tiger also has some prerequisites that players must complete to unlock him.

Here are some tips and tricks to unlock Oscar in Fortnite:

  1. Firstly, players must buy the new Chapter 5 Season 1 battle pass from the store.
  2. In fact, players can buy the battle pass for 950 Vbucks– A premium in-game currency.
  3. Secondly, they must unlock every unlockable before page three to get access to Oscar.

How to unlock oscar

    Oscar only unlocks after reaching this page on the Battle Pass
  1. Then, players must reach level 14 in the game to qualify to unlock Oscar.
  2. Additionally, players should acquire at least 9 Battle Stars to unlock the base version of Oscar. 

Therefore, players must grind playing the game to level up and complete quests to get more Battle Stars.

How To Unlock Other Version Of Oscar In Fortnite?

As aforementioned, Oscar has more unlockable skin variants in the battle pass which have their prerequisites to unlock.

Firstly, players will unlock the Champion Brawler version of Oscar when they reach page 4 of the Battle Pass.

However, they must reach level 20 and unlock all rewards preceding him to unlock him.

Also, players can only unlock the Champion Brawler variant after unlocking the base variant of Oscar.

Shock Brawler Oscar after 7 days
Fortnite mentions that Shock Brawler Oscar is only accessible after 7 days.

Lastly, Oscar has another skin variant called the Shock Brawler Oscar which is much harder to unlock.

In fact, it is a quest-specific reward that only unlocks after seven days in the game.

Moreover, quest-specific rewards are much harder to achieve as players have struggled to do so in the past.

Nevertheless, players cannot wait until quests for this skin variant arrive in the game.

The Bottom Line

Oscar the Tiger is part of the newest Fortnite Battle Pass with multiple skin variants and battle cosmetic sets.

However, a battle pass is a must if players want to unlock Oscar and try him in the game for themselves.

Nevertheless, players should consider buying this season’s battle pass as it also includes iconic characters like Peter Griffin.

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