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Has Fortnite Removed Running In Its New Animation ?

Many players have reported that their characters in Fortnite are running slower than ever.

They are wondering if Fortnite removed the running feature in their updated animation.

Due to  Fortnite sprinting not working, several players have problems with motion matching and running.

Fortnite players around the globe are facing a sudden and unexpected change in movement mechanics while sprinting. However, players should know that in this new animation, the actual running speed is the same, and only half the footstep is needed to cover the distance of 1 foot.

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Did Fortnite Remove Sprinting?

As players dive deep into this topic, they must understand whether Fortnite has removed its sprinting feature.

Similarly, most players are raising this question because they have been experiencing movement issues.

The answer is No; Fortnite has not removed running or sprinting in this new season.

Instead, Fortnite has recently introduced motion matching and procedural layering in its new season.

Player running in Fortnite
A player is sprinting in Fortnite.

Because of this, players are witnessing improved animation, affecting crucial aspects like waking, sprinting, changing directions, etc.

However, these enhancements have raised controversy among players regarding Fortnite’s sprinting and running issues.

It is just an animation update for the players, making users feel like there is a reduced running speed.

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Fortnite Sprinting Not Working: The Perception Gap

During the updated animation, most players are raising their concerns about their character being unable to sprint or run in the game.

Similarly, they have a sentimental feeling regarding their character’s movement speed as it seems they are running slower than before.

However, players have to understand that the actual running speed of the game characters is the same in both animations.

The players have this question because of Fortnite’s visual representation of the character’s movement.

In this new animation, players should observe that the number of footsteps taken by their character is significantly lower than in older animation.

Comparing Fortnite Versions
Comparison of walking steps in older and newer animation.

Players only require half the original step to cover the distance in older animations.

In older animations, the footsteps were smaller, giving an illusion of covering more ground with each step.

This visual only tricked the players, creating a sense of increased speed for the player during previous animations.

However, with the implementation of motion matching, the newer animation has larger footsteps, resulting in the perception of reduced speed.

The Half-Step Dilemma: Fortnite Running Speed

Players felt that the sprinting was not working in Fortnite.

In the new animation, only half a footstep is required to complete the full step in previous graphics.

While the character is moving at the same speed, this creates an illusion for players about slow movement.

Players encounter this issue mainly because the reduction in several footsteps creates an illusion that the movement is sluggish.

The main issue is the step count, leading players to feel that their characters are not running in Fortnite.

Likewise, players can align the number of footsteps to ensure this is just an optical illusion compared to the older version.

Thus, comparing the footsteps will prove that the game works fine and Fortnite has not removed sprinting or running.

The Bottom Line

Players face an optical illusion due to the introduction of motion matching and procedural layering in Fortnite.

Similarly, players should understand that, in newer animation, the footstep count is fewer than in older animation to cover the same distance.

Furthermore, players can sprint and run as usual, for which the game has not removed any of its features.

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