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Pacific Drive Barnacle: Level 3 Anomaly

Along the way, you will encounter various anomalies in Pacific Drive, including Belching Barnacle.

Although Pacific Drive challenges you to survive and explore a hostile and mysterious environment.

Similarly, Barnacle is a strange and dangerous creatures that defy the laws of nature and a formidable foe you must find and defeat.

Continue reading to explore how to locate, fight, and deal with the Barnacle in Pacific Drive.

Barnacle In Pacific Drive

One of the anomalies in Pacific Drive is the Belching Barnacle.

It is a large, purple, and slimy creature that spits out corrosive acid.

Generally, the Pacific Drive Barnacle is a mysterious and dangerous anomaly with a lot of health and can be hard to kill.

However, it is unclear what its origin or purpose is, but some speculate that it may relate to the game’s story and the Remnant Experiment.

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Where To Find The Pacific Drive Barnacle?

The Barnacle can be found in four regions of the game: the Damp Forest, the Blistering Woods, the Mires, and the Scorch.

Significantly, these regions are marked with purple icons on the map.

To locate the Pacific Drive Barnacle, you must use your scanner to detect anomalies and other objects of interest.

Generally, you can activate your scanner by pressing the S key on your keyboard or the right bumper on your controller.

Your scanner will show you the direction and distance of the nearest anomaly and its type and level. 

The Barnacle is a level 3 anomaly and is also very rare.

Thus, you may need to explore the regions thoroughly to find it.

Further, the scanner will display a purple icon with a barnacle symbol when you are close to the anomaly.

Barnacle is one of the most dangerous anomalies in the game.

How To Deal With The Pacific Drive Barnacle?

The Pacific Drive Barnacle is one of the most dangerous anomalies in the game, and you need to be careful when you encounter it.

1. Avoid Its Acid Spit

The Barnacle will spit out globs of acid that can stick to surfaces and explode, damaging anything within its radius.

You need to avoid getting hit by its acid spit, which can damage your car and your health.

Moreover, you can use your scanner to see where the acid is landing and steer clear of it.

Further, you can use your car’s boost to dodge the acid or drive behind cover.

2. Shoot At It From A Distance

The Barnacle has a lot of health and can be hard to kill, but you can use your weapons to shoot at it from a safe distance.

You can use your scanner to see its health bar and weak spots, the purple spots on its body.

Additionally, you can use your rifle, shotgun, or crossbow to damage it, but be careful not to get too close.

Further, you can use your grenades or mines to deal extra damage, but make sure you don’t get caught in the blast.

pacific drive
If you kill the Barnacle, you will be rewarded for your effort.

3. Collect The Rewards

You will be rewarded for your effort if you kill the Barnacle.

You will get some materials, such as plasma, fabrics, and electronics, which you can use to craft or upgrade your car parts and weapons.

Additionally, you will get some experience points, which you can use to level up and unlock new skills and perks.

Moreover, you may get some rare items, such as the Barnacle Blaster, a powerful shotgun that shoots acid bullets.

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