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Explore Starting Planet In Starfield

Planets in Starfield are the celestial bodies that players can explore within the galaxy.

The player explores Planets to find different things such as location, resources, alien lifeforms and factions, including the capabilities of building Outposts.

Starting Planet, also known as Moon of Anselon or Vectera, is located within the Narion system. It is the Planet players will explore at the beginning of the game.
This article explains the details of what to Explore in the Starting Planet.

Introducing The Starting Planet

Vectera, the Starting Planet in Starfield, can be found as the 6th Planet in the Narion System.

The moon in Starfield is the secondary planetary-mass object that is orbiting around the Planet within a star system.

Furthermore, the game begins in 2330 at the Argos Extraction Mining Outpost on the Vectera.

Starting Planet
Vectera is the Starting Planet in Starfield.

Also known as the Moon of the Anselon in the Narion System.

Moreover, Vectera is the first location where players learn the mining basics.

The Argo Extractors are one of the Faction who owns this mining place.

This place also features a primary mission called One Small Step.

It is an Argos Extractors Entry Mission, a tutorial for Starfield and the game’s many exploration and combat mechanics.

As you finish this mission, you will get the reward of 8000 credits, a constellation pack and a lodge key.

Features Of Starting Planet

The Planet has nothing; however, its moon features various NPCs and resources.

Here is a list of those NPCs and resources in the Starting Planet;

1. NPCs In Vectera

  • Barrett: Barrett is a member of Constellation, and you will encounter him at the start of the game.
  • Supervisor Lin: Supervisor Lin is a companion in Starfield and one of the foremen working for the Argo Extractor. She is the first character you meet alongside Heller.
  • Heller: He is one of Supervisor Lin’s subordinates. He has the skill in Geology and Outpost Engineering.
  • Vasco: Vasco is the first companion player ever encountered. Furthermore, Vasco joins you during the One Small Step Mission. He starts with the skills like Aneutronic Fusion, shield System, and EM Weapon System.

2. Resources Found In Vectera

While mining on this planet, players can find some common but useful resources.

Here are those resources listed below;


Landing Spot In Starting Planet

The Starting Planet has only one Landing Spot, Argos Extractors Mining Outpost.

It is also the first location players explore at the beginning of the game.

Furthermore, it is located on the Vectera moon of the Anselon Planet.

Players will encounter various types of Enemies, NPCs, areas, biomes, resources, and more in each location.

In this place, you can also recruit Supervisor Lin as crew.

Furthermore, as you explore this place, you can find many lootable items, such as Berserker Rattler, Black Engineering Outfit, Cutter, Emergency Transmission 01, Eon, and Heller’s Cutter.

However, there are no sub-areas in this location.

Moreover, the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost consists of one more primary mission: Back to Vectera.

Players can use support items like Industrial Workbench to craft materials and install mods to weapons.

Also, use the Crafting feature by interacting with a Research Station.

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Walkthrough Of Main Mission In Starting Planet

Here is the step-by-step guide to the main mission  One Small Step;

  1. Follow Supervisor Lin and Heller as soon as you start the game.
  2. Get the small tutorial on finding weapons, use a cutter to mine the deposit and return it to Supervisor Lin.
Starting Planet
Use the cutter to mine each deposit.
  1. Then, follow Lin about halfway into the cavern. After that, find more Beryllium deposits on the cave wall.
    Strange object
    You will eventually find a strange object which will black out you.
  2. Then, you will be sent to the Character creation to customize your character’s looks and physics.
  3. After character creation, a short tutorial about switching between first and third-person mode will pop up.
  4. Equip a helmet, exit the airlock, and head toward the Ship, VASCO.
  5. Speak to Barrett and fight the Crimson Fleet.
Starting Planet
Return to Berrett, and he will ask you to come to Constellation to give you a watch as a gift.
  1. Now, you can board the Ship to start your journey. Hop on the driver seat, and you will be given a tutorial on flying Ship by VASCO. However, you also have the option to skip the tutorial.
  2. Continue forward and Travel to Kreet.
  3. Now, Land at the Kreet Research Base and deal with the Crimson Fleet Captain.
  4. Return to the Ship, do a Grav jump to Jemison and land at New Atlantis.
Starting Planet
The player’s next destination is the city of the new Atlantis on Jemison.
  1. Enter the train; you’ll find yourself surrounded by the green scenery of the MAST District. Then, Go to the Lodge.
  2. When you enter the lodge, Sarah will welcome you to Constellation and after a discussion with Sarah, the mission will end.
You will be introduced to Walter Stroud, Matteo Khatri, and Noel as you reach the library.

The Bottom Line

Planets are found in different star systems and consist of different orbiting moons.

The game has more than 1,000 planets, and the Starting Planet is one of the planets in the Narion System.

However, you will only get a tutorial mission on this Planet.

Making it the easiest and fastest Planet to explore.

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