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Can You Swim In Palworld? Best Swimming And Mount Pals

Palworld is a multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game where you can befriend and collect mysterious creatures called Pals.

Some Pals can swim in water and have different abilities and skills depending on their element and type. 

Whether you want to glide in the air, sail across the sea, or shoot water at enemies, there is a Pal for you.

Continue reading to learn if you can swim, lists of swimming Pal, and the swimming mount in the Palworld.

Can You Swim In The Palworld?

Yes, you can swim in Palworld. However, you need to monitor your stamina gauge while swimming.

Otherwise, it will deplete your stamina gauge like running, fighting, and mining for resources. 

If you don’t monitor your stamina gauge, you can drown in Palworld.

To avoid drowning, minimize your time in the water, stick close to land, and avoid “sprinting” in the water. 

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List Of Swimming Pals In Palworld

Palworld Swimming Mount refers to Pals that can be ridden on water.

These Pals have special skills or abilities that allow them to swim faster, breathe underwater, or grant water type to the player’s attacks. 

Some examples of Palworld Swimming Mounts are

1. Fuack: A Water-type Pal that can use its Surfing Slam partner skill to ride on the water and attack enemies with its powerful jaws.

2. Pengullet And Penking: These Pals can use their Pengullet Cannon and Brave Sailor partner skills to shoot ice projectiles and sail across the sea.

Surfent use its Water Gun partner skill.

3. Killamari: A Water-type Pal that can use its Fried Squid partner skill to cook itself and heal you and your other Pals.

4. Surfent: A Water-type Pal that can use its Water Gun partner skill to shoot water at enemies.

5. Azurobe: A Water/Ice-type Pal that can give a Water infusion to your attacks while mounted.

6. Jormuntide: A Water/Dragon-type Pal that can use its Dragon Breath partner skill to unleash a powerful energy blast.

7. Celaray: A Water-type Pal that can use its Zephyr Glider partner skill to glide in the air and dive into the water.

Azurobe can give a Water infusion.

8. Gobfin: A Water-type Pal that can use its Angry Shark partner skill to bite enemies and cause bleeding.

9. Maraith: A Dark-type Pal that can use its Messenger of Death partner skill to summon a swarm of bats and drain enemies’ health.

10. Univolt: An Electric-type Pal that can use its Swift Deity partner skill to dash through water and shock enemies.

How To Use Swimming Pal?

To use swimming Pals in Palworld, you need to find a Pal that can swim, catch, and craft a saddle for it.

Further, use a Pal Sphere to catch them, which you can craft or buy from shops.

To craft a saddle, you need to unlock the blueprint for it by catching the corresponding Pal.

Then, use the Pal Gear Workbench to make it.

craft the pal sphere
Use the Pal Gear Workbench to craft the Pal Sphere.

Moreover, you need some materials, such as leather, fiber, and paldium fragments.

Once you have a swimming Pal and a saddle, you can summon your Pal and hold the ride button (F on PC) to mount it.

You can then control your Pal in the water, and use its skills if it has any. To dismount, just hold the same button again.

Further, use the WASD keys to move around, the spacebar to jump, and the left mouse button to use the partner skill.

However, if you want to swim with a mount, find a Pal with the Swift Swimmer skill, preventing stamina loss while swimming.

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