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Perform 30 Air Tricks In A Row: Swing, Spin, And Repeat

You must earn the Hang Ten trophy to get one step closer to that coveted Platinum.

It is a bronze trophy that requires you to perform 30 Air Tricks in a row without touching the ground.

In Spider-Man 2, you must perform 30 Air Tricks in a Row to unlock the trophy called Hang Ten without touching the ground below. Hold down the square button and move the left stick in a different direction to complete the task.

Continue reading to learn more about perform 30 Air Tricks in a Row, how to perform it, and how to unlock the trophy in Spider-Man 2.

What Is Perform 30 Air Tricks In A Row?

Performing 30 Air Tricks in a row is a task in which you must make Spider-Man do cool tricks while swinging through the air.

You must press the right buttons to make him spin and flip without touching the ground.

However, you must do this 30 times in a row without any mistakes to win a trophy in the game.

Search for a long, straight road with tall buildings on either side, this will help you swing without hitting the ground.

Even though you mess up, you can start over, as there is no penalty.

Therefore, go to the settings menu and change the Air Tricks setting to Toggle-Maintain.

So that you do not have to keep holding the button. Instead, you can perform air tricks by pressing the square button.

Hence, the real trick lies in changing all the tricks in the combo.

The Hang Ten trophy is one of the most difficult trophies to gain.

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How To Perform 30 Air Tricks In A Row?

Performing 30 Air Tricks in a row might sound tricky, but following these steps will make it easier:

  1. Start high and swing between tall buildings in the game, you’ll get plenty of momentum to perform tricks in the air.
  2. After that, hold down the square button and move the left stick in different directions on your controller. This gets Spider-Man ready to perform tricks.
  3. Experiment with different directions to discover tricks you are comfortable with.
  4. Moreover, move the left stick in different directions: up, down, left, correct, etc. while you hold the square.
  5. As each direction triggers a different trick, you can also try diagonal directions. Furthermore, try to chain these tricks.
720 curly fry trick
Performing the 720 Curly Fry trick earns you 5 XP.
  1. You can start with an up trick, then a down one, and so on since combining tricks earns you extra points.
  2. Moreover, do not touch the ground while doing these tricks.
  3. If you feel like you are getting too close to the ground, fire a web to swing back up and keep your chain going.
  4. You will achieve the Hang Ten trophy as a reward once you perform 30 consecutive air tricks in a row.
earn hang ten trophy
You will earn the Hang Ten trophy after you complete 30 sir tricks in a row.

The Bottom Line

It is like showing off your Spidey skills but up in the sky.

Additionally, you can use the web wings to help you stay in the air.

Keep practicing, and do not give up in a few tries to perform 30 air tricks in a row; you will eventually get it.

Once you earn the Hang Ten trophy, you will be one step closer to Platinum in the game.

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