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How To Defeat Enslaved Beast In Persona 3 Reload?

Persona 3 Reload Enslaved Beast is a unique fearsome shadow enemy in the game.

Enslaved Beast attacks deal damage with swift and striking abilities in Persona 3 Reload.

However, fire attacks are the key to defeating him while dealing massive damage during combat.

Continue reading to learn about Enslaved Beast and how to defeat it in Persona 3 reload.

What Is Enslaved Beast?

The Enslaved Beast is a shadow monster in Persona 3 Reload recognized for its powerful stats and abilities.

Here’s an explanation of its statistics and appearance:

The Enslaved Beast has high Strength, Magic, and Endurance, making it a powerful opponent in combat.

Its strong stats enhance its capacity to deal with and resist harm during a fight.

enslaved beast
The appearance of the enslaved beast in Persona 3 Reload.

The Enslaved Beast may be located at this location: “Arqa II 48F – 63F“.

It is shown as a formidable and intimidating shadow adversary, complementing its hard character in the game.

The Enslaved Beast uses a variety of talents and attacks, including “Bestial Roar,” which boosts its assault and allows it to act first in battle.

Furthermore, it is capable of utilizing “Swift Attack,” a move that may cause severe damage to the player’s characters.

Weaknesses Of Enslaved Beast

The Enslaved Beast in Persona 3 Reload is weak against fire-based attacks.

This weakness can be used during battles to deliver additional damage to the Enslaved Beast.

Personas with fire skills and abilities are very useful when confronting this tough shadow monster.

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How To Defeat Enslaved Beast In Persona 3 Reload?

Defeating the Enslaved Beast in Persona 3 Reload requires an appropriate approach and knowledge of its powers.

It is critical to be prepared with the appropriate party composition, equipment, and tactics.

Here are some strategies to defeat the enslaved beast:

1. Party Composition

Create a balanced party with a healer and a player with excellent defense.

This guarantees that the group can survive the Enslaved Beast’s assaults while allowing them to recover from harm.

2. Utilize Weaknesses

Use Personas with Fire-based attacks to exploit the Enslaved Beast’s vulnerability.

Therefore, this can dramatically boost the damage done to the adversary, speeding up its downfall.

stats of enslaved beast in persona 3
Stats and skills of Enslaved Beast.

3. Items

Equip the group with armor that can withstand the Enslaved Beast’s assaults.

Also, stock up on healing supplies to secure their survival throughout the encounter.

4. All-Out Attack

When the Enslaved Beast is brought down, use All-Out Attacks to deliver significant damage.

Therefore, this can be a vital time in the combat, turning the tide in the party’s favor.

By implementing these methods, players can improve their chances of victory in combat.

Characters With Fire Abilities

In Persona 3 Reload, various characters and personalities have fire-related skills and weapons.

Here’s an overview of the personalities and personas linked with the fire element:

Characters and Weapons


Junpei specializes in two-handed swords. His Persona, Hermes, excels in fire and slash strikes.

Hermes’ Theurgia skill is named Burst, which most likely incorporates fire-based skills.

2. Main Protagonist

The main protagonist wields a one-handed sword as his weapon.

While not directly fire-related, the protagonist has access to various personalities, some of which may include fire powers.

3. Personas With Fire Abilities

Several personalities in Persona 3 Reload are related to fire-based abilities. This includes:

  1. Orpheus, the main character’s original persona. It may have access to fire talents or can be fused to acquire them.
  2. Ara Mitama, Berith, Chimera, Lilim, and Nekomata appear on the Fire Skill List and may include fire-based abilities such as Agi, which does mild fire damage to one foe.

Therefore, the fire element is important in the battles and skills of many characters and personalities in Persona 3 Reload.

Players may use these fire-based talents to exploit enemy weaknesses and improve their strategic choices during combat.

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