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Season Of The Wish Bottomless Pit: Destiny 2

In this recently launched season of the wish, players can complete the Bottomless Pit and unlock the Necrochasm.

However, several players have reported being stuck in this quest and are seeking a solution.

While playing Destiny 2 during the Season of the Wish, players can only unlock the Bottomless Pit quest by defeating the formidable Crota. Likewise, players must defeat the hive with the husk of the pit and collect the essence of the oversouls to complete this quest.

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Season Of The Wish: The Bottomless Pit  

Players can only unlock the Bottomless Pit after defeating one of the strong adversaries in the game, The Crota.

Upon defeating the Oryx in the Crota’s End raid, players can head to the consecutive chest to explore the Bottomless Pit quest.

Similarly, whenever Bungies says ” Raid Vendor,” players can approach several chests that players can interact with to grab specific weapons.

Unlike any other contest mode rewards, in this quest, players can receive the Husk of the pit alongside the new quest objective.

Season of the Wish Destiny 2
Season of the wish event in Destiny 2.

Likewise, this quest instructs players to begin the ritual that unlocks the weapon’s true potential.

To successfully attain the weapon’s true potential, players must eliminate a horde of Hive while utilizing the Husk of the pit.

Moreover, players must also collect the oversouls’ essence to complete the Bottomless Pit quest.

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Defeat The Hive: Bottomless Pit

During the Bottomless Pit, players must start their mission by completing the initial quest, “Defeat the Hive.”

Similarly, in this quest, players have to defeat the hives by utilizing the Husk of the pit to gain the rewards.

Upon hearing this, most players want to defeat the Hive in the Crota’s End challenge; however, there’s a catch.

Players need to find other alternatives since the bonus progress for killing Hive in the Crota’s End is currently bugged.

Defeat The Hive Bottomless pit
Players must defeat the hive to complete the Bottomless Pit.

Moreover, players can simply head to the Moon and engage in the Altars of Sorrow event to eliminate the hive.

Each throw in this event counts as a kill, and players can be rewarded upon having two or more kills per takedown.

Likewise, in Altars of Sorrow, players have to stand near the portals and kill Hive fast to complete this quest.

Upon completing this quest, players complete the initial step for completing the Quest in the Bottomless Pit.

Collect The Essence Of The Oversoul: Bottomless Pit

After defeating the hive with the Husk of the Pit, players will now progress to the second quest to complete the Bottomless Pit.

Similarly, after defeating the horde of hives, you will witness the Eidoloin Ally in your postmaster or inventory.

Players can obtain a remarkable weapon called Eidolon Ally, and with its PvP-focused stats, they can clutch the PvP and PvE scenarios.

After completing the initial quest, players must collect the Essence of the oversouls to complete the Bottomless Pit.

Moreover, the  Essence of the Oversouls is randomly obtained during the Crota’s End Challenge and Altars of Sorrow event. 

Altars of sorrow
Players can collect the essence of oversoul from altars of sorrow.

During the contest mode, players can witness a higher drop rate; however, in basic mode,  it is normal.

Players can easily collect the Essence of the Oversouls by repeatedly playing the Crota’s End challenge.

Besides, players can complete Crota’s End titles, “Sword Bearer” and “Conservation of Energy,” to obtain the Essence of Oversoul.

Finally, after achieving enough essence of oversouls, players can turn them to Necrochasm and complete the Bottomless Pit quest.

The Bottom Line

In Destiny 2, the Season of the Wish engages players in various quests, offering enticing rewards for their endeavors.

Players can optimize the Hive Kill progress and collect enough essence of oversoul to complete the Bottomless Pit.

In summary, players should gear up, rally their fire team, and dive into the challenges of the Bottomless Pit.

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