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How To Defeat Persona 3 Reload First Boss?

In Persona 3, players must defeat the first boss to progress forward to other quests in the game.

Similarly, bosses in Persona 3 present formidable challenges for the players, so learning the boss’s weaknesses is the key during the battle.

Players encounter the Priestess boss as the first boss of Persona 3 Reload during the Full Moon Operation.

Continue reading to learn more about how to defeat the first boss of the persona 3 Reload.

Guide To Conquer The First Boss In Persona 3 Reload

In the vast realm of Pesona 3 Reload, encountering formidable bosses is not surprising.

Similarly, during the player’s gripping Full Moon Operation, they come across one of the first bosses in the game.

During this operation, players must battle with the First Boss in a haunted train and discover why it is seemingly moving on their own.

Priestess As a First Boss In Persona 3 Reload
Players must fight the Priestess as a first boss in Persona 3 Reload.

Subsequently, upon entering the train, players can find the Priestess in its first carriage and begin the battle.

Players are tasked with defeating the Priestess as soon as possible to prevent the train crash.

Here is step by step guide to defeating the Priestess in Persona 3 Reload:

1. Preparing For The Battle

Players must plan strategically and make the proper preparations before indulging with the Priestess.

Since Priestess presents a formidable challenge, players should ensure that their party members have full health.

Similarly, players can prioritize equipping Yuki with a Perosa resistant to ice to reduce the boss ice’s attacks.

Likewise, equip the Apsaras, which is obtained during the Tartarus tutorial, to minimize the icy damage.

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2. Encountering The First Boss

After you are fully prepared, you can enter the train where you will encounter the Priestess in the first carriage.

Likewise, the Priestess is maneuvering the Train and yields the power to manipulate the train speed.

Thus, players should stop the Priestess before she crashes down the train in Pesona 3 Reload.

3. Timing Is The Essence

While the train is about the precede toward the catastrophe, players must kill the Priestess before it crashes down.

Players have around a 30-minute timer period to defeat the Priestess and prevent the train from colliding.

However, during the later phase of the battle, she drastically increases the train’s speed so players must finish the fight beforehand.

4. Using Proper Strategy

Defeating the Priestess requires using the proper strategy as it has no weaknesses.

The boss can even reflect the ice attacks and has no other resistance.

Proper Strategy To defeat The First Boss
Players should adopt the perfect strategy to defeat the first boss in Persona 3 Reload.

Similarly, players should divide the party roles into two damage dealers and dedicated healers to deal maximum damage.

Players can use the Yukari as their healer as she can heal everyone in the party by using the Media.

Next, you can respond to the Priestess’s ice spell with the healing support from Yukari to safeguard the team members.

5. Executing The Offense Move

Upon choosing your perfect team, players should focus on executing the offense move precisely to deal heavy damage.

Players can choose Makoto Yuki and Junpei as their fighters during the confrontation.

Similarly, empower Junpei with Tarukaja to enhance his attacking powers then have him use the fire magic.

Moreover, Yuki can use melee or any other magic attacks he has that aren’t ice-focused to buff party members when required.

6. Defeating The Minions

Amidst the fierce battle, the Priestess summons the Minions to support her during the battle.

She summons the two Despariing Tiaras to assist her during the battle. However, they are weak and can be easily defeated.

Since these minions are weaker than the Wind, you can deploy Yukari and use the Garu to defeat them easily.

However, players should defeat the minions and the Priestess within the time frame by maintaining composure.

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