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Pipe Rock Plateau Special Bounce Bounce Bounce: Find Flower Coins

Pipe Rock Plateau Special: Bounce Bounce Bounce is a secret level in Super Mario Wonder.

It is one of the most hard levels of Super Mario Wonder with 5-star difficulty.

You can find the first flower coin in Pipe Rock Plateau Special: Bounce Bounce Bounce beneath the tree platform, the second near two rolling Hoppos, and the third near Wonder Seed.

This article discusses what is Pipe Rock Plateau Special Bounce Bounce Bounce and how to find flower coins.

What Is Pipe Rock Plateau Special Bounce Bounce Bounce?

In Super Mario Wonder, the first Secret World track is Pipe-Rock Plateau Special: Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, one of the most challenging courses in the game.

Bounce Bounce Bounce has a 5-star difficulty rating which can only be unlocked by fulfilling a few secret conditions.

Many bouncing Hoppos will make it hard for you to walk through this level.

Although Hoppos don’t harm players, they will make the level tricky for players.

Additionally, you can obtain many different rewards in this level, like Wonder Seed, Flower Coins, and Wonder Flower.

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Flower Coins In Pipe Rock Plateau Special Bounce Bounce Bounce

There are three flower coins in this secret level in Super Mario Wonder.

However, these flower coins are hidden in different locations, making them hard to find.

The ways to obtain flower coins at this level are as follows:

1. First Flower Coin

After obtaining the first Wonder Flower, you must wait for the first Hoppo to hit the nearby wall before rolling to the right.

When it passes, you have to jump onto the Hoppo without using the jump button, or else you will fall.

Flower coin 1
The first flower coin is located below two trees.

Afterward, You can see a flower coin beneath the treetop platform ahead.

You have to stay still on the Hoppo without stepping onto the platform to obtain the flower coin.

Furthermore, you can proceed to collect the second flower coin in a short distance.

2. Second Flower Coin 

After collecting the first flower coin, you must ride the Hoppo up the incline and jump onto the first yellow platform.

Finally, you can collect the second Flower Coin, but it must be fast enough to collect.

If you stand on the platform for too long, it will fall, so hop up until it’s safe to jump back onto one of the rolling Hoppos.

Flower coin 2
You will find the second flower coin on this platform with rolling hoppos.

3. Third Flower Coin

You can find the final Flower Coin at the end of the wonder flower sequence.

Therefore, you have to proceed past the P-Switch, which reveals a Blue Coin trail.

Then, you will find a flower coin beneath the Wonder Seed at the trail’s end.

Flower coin 3
You can obtain the final flower coin before ending the level in this scene.

 If you press your jump button while approaching the Flower Coin, you will jump onto the platform containing the Wonder Seed.

When you try collecting wonder seeds, you have to be extra careful because if you make any mistake, you might miss collecting the flower coin.

It will become impossible for you to collect other coins if you land on the platform before landing on another platform.

The Bottom Line

This is a highly challenging secret level in Super Mario Wonder.

You will face many challenges while navigating this risky course filled with bouncing Hoppos to find the Flower Coins.

While exploring this level, you can find other exciting collectible rewards like Wonder Seed and Wonder Flower.

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