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Obtain The Countdown To Drop Down Purple Coins

Countdown to Drop Down purple coins is one of the mechanics players will encounter in Super Mario Bros Wonder.

The mechanic forces players to go around the map of the stage and find various item pieces.

Three obtainable purple coins exist for the Countdown to Drop Down the Second World. Furthermore, players must reach the stage’s end to obtain the last coin.

This article discusses the purple coins for the Countdown to Drop Down in Super Mario Bros Wonder.

What Is Countdown To Drop Down Purple Coins?

Countdown to Drop Down purple coins is one of the levels that players must complete in Super Mario Bros Wonder.

The game consists of various levels with their own requirements to complete them.

Thus, In the drop-down purple coins, players must collect purple coins to complete the level.

Players must get to the Fluff-Puff peaks stage to collect the purple coins.

This stage consists of purple coins and wonder seeds. However, we will be looking into the purple coins only.

Moreover, players must also collect the wonder seeds to complete this stage.

Players will also come across various other stages with similar mechanics; however, they must first complete the primary levels.

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How to Get Countdown To Drop Down Purple Coins?

There are a total of three purple coins that players must gather on the stage. Each location gets progressively more challenging.

However, this guide will show you how to get every drop-down purple coin in Super Mario Bros Wonder.

Here is a step-by-step guide to locating every purple coin in Super Mario Bros Wonder:

Purple Coin 1

When you start the level, go straight ahead and jump through a few hurdles.

Then, you will come across a piranha flower, cross the flower and then you will come across two tunnels.

first purple coin location
Enter the tunnel to reach the first purple coin location.

Interact with the first tunnel to go under, and then you will find the first purple coin.

first purple coin super mario bros
Jump down the clouds and take the first coin.

Purple Coin 2

After obtaining the first coin, head out from the tunnel on the other side.

You will return to the same area from the tunnel, then go straight until you come across two hovering flowers.

Below the flowers, you will see two blocks with arrow signs. Use the block on the right to hit the flower to the right.

hit block for platform
Hit the block to bring out a platform.

This will spawn a platform of clouds that you can jump on. Then, enter the tunnel through the clouds.

Second purple coins location
Enter the tunnel for the second purple coin.

After you enter the area, you will notice a bomb on the ground. Pick the bomb up and throw it towards the layer of bricks.

third purple coin countdown to drop down
Use the explosive to destroy the bricks.

Then, the coin will move downward through the various platforms underneath it.

Purple Coin 3

The third coin is near the end of the map. To obtain this coin, players must reach the Lakitu section.

After reaching the area, you will travel towards the various platforms using a floating platform.

drop down to final purple coins
Jump through the platforms to drop down to the last coin.

Further, you must jump on one of these platforms, wait until the floating platform reaches the coin point and grab the third purple coin.

drop to the platform below
Drop down the platform without any numerical value.

Players can simply walk on the platforms to get it to zero and then drop down onto the floating platform.

After obtaining all the coins, players can go forward and end the stage.

However, as mentioned before, this article does not cover the wonder seeds.

Thus, before completing the stage, players must also collect both the wonder seeds in the stage.

The Bottom Line

Every stage in Super Mario Bros Wonder contains various mechanics that players must overcome to complete the stage.

Furthermore, players will also find that various mechanics will overlap each other in later stages, making it a test of wit.

Thus, it is a great choice to familiarize yourself with each stage’s mechanics as you progress through the game.

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