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How To Fix Pokemon Go Plus + Sleep Mode Not Working?

Is Pokemon Go Plus +’s  Sleep Mode feature not working on your device? Don’t worry; we have got you covered.

In-game data loss, sleep tracking inability and game bugs are some problems users face on Pokemon Go Plus +’s Sleep Mode. 

 You can fix the Pokemon Go Plus + Sleep Mode not working problem by repairing devices, reinstalling apps and using Compatible Devices.

Please continue reading to get insights into Pokemon Go Plus+ and its solution to avoid the Sleep Mode problem below.

What Is Pokemon Go Plus +?

Pokemon Go Plus + is a portable device recently launched by Nintendo.

The device can connect Pokemon games via Bluetooth

Users can enjoy the games without checking their devices from time to time.

Pokemon Go Plus + device
Nintendo’s newly launched portable device called Pokemon Go Plus +.

The Pokemon Go Plus+ device will notify users of the nearest Pokeballs with blinking signals. 

Thanks to its automatic Poke Ball throwing feature, the Pokemon Go Plus + device lets users catch Pokemon conveniently.  

Furthermore, users will have unlocked options to Auto-spin and Auto-throw Poke Balls.

You can even use Great Balls and Ultra Balls with Pokemon Go Plus +.

What Is Pokemon Go Plus + Sleep Mode?

Pokemon Go Plus + Sleep Mode lets users play games such as Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sleep by using the Sleep data on their devices. 

Users can track sleep mode on Pokemon Go Plus +’s exclusive option.

Pikachu in Pokemon Go Plus + Night mode
The Pokemon Go Plus + device being active  after pairing with the Pokemon Go app.

Moreover, the fan-favorite Pokemon Pikachu will remind user’s sleep schedule. 

Additionally, you can select your ideal waking time to receive exclusive rewards.

The more the user’s sleep sessions, the better the rewards. 

Causes Of Pokemon Go Plus + Sleep Mode Not Working 

Here are some of the possible causes why Pokemon Go Plus+ Sleep Mode is not working.

  • The Pokemon Go Plus +  device is detached from the Pokemon Go or Sleep app.
  • Your Phone’s Bluetooth is not paired with the Pokemon Go Plus + device. 
  • Users with low battery percentages or drainage problems will face Sleep Mode issues. 
  • If you use an incompatible OS like Android version 7 or iOS 13 or below, you cannot access the device or the Sleep Mode.
  • You may be using previous patches to play the game; hence, you cannot use new features.
  • Users cannot access the sleeping data if their total sleeping time is less than 90 minutes
  • There can be bugs, errors or glitches within the Pokemon Go Plus + device. 
  • Users cannot enjoy the Sleep Mode feature on Pokemon Go Plus+  if they have a relatively weaker internet connection.  

Pokemon Go Plus + Sleep Mode Not Working- Fixes

 Here are a few possible ways to fix the Pokemon Go Plus + Sleep Mode Not Working problem.

1. Pair Your Device Correctly

Before operating the Sleep mode, connect your Pokemon Go Plus + device to Pokemon Go or Sleep. 

Also, check if your Pokemon Go Plus+ is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Here’s how you do so, 

  1. Launch the Pokemon Go app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap the Poke Ball icon on the Main Menu.
Main menu of Pokemon Go Plus+
Tap on the Poke Ball icon on the main menu.
  1. Then, go to Settings at the top of your device.
Settings of Pokemon Go
Go to the Settings option at the top of your device screen.
  1. Now, scroll down and tap on the Connected Devices And Services option.
How to see connected Devices and Service in Pokemon GO Plus +
Tap on the Connected Devices and Services option under Settings.
  1. Go to the Accessory Devices section and connect to Pokemon Go Plus+. 
Pokemon Go Plus +’s Sleep Mode Not Working
Pairing Pokemon Go Plus + with Pokemon Go.

2. Strong Internet Connection

Users should have a good internet connection to smoothly run the Pokemon Go Plus +’s Night mode feature.

Additionally, ensure you have a strong connection between Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G signal. 

3. Increase Sleeping Period 

Users should keep their sleeping session for at least one and a half hours to save the sleep data.

Else, the data will not be saved on your device. For users wanting higher rewards, increase the sleeping session. 

Pokemon Go Plus+ Sleep Mode
Claiming the Sleep Mode rewards

4. Uninstall And Reinstall The App

The Sleep mode issue will solve if the user Uninstall and reinstalls the Pokemon Go or the Pokemon Sleep application.

Furthermore, connect the Pokemon Go Plus + app with any of those applications to access the Night mode attribute.

Then, reinstall the game from Google Play Store or App Store if you have an Android or iPhone.

Pokemon Go Plus + Sleep Mode Not Working
Uninstall and reinstall the Pokemon Go app.

5. Update The Apps

Before connecting Pokemon Go Plus + with the Pokemon game, check if you have the latest patch or all Pokemon Go: updates before launching the application.

The latest patch is Version (0.277.2), last updated on July 19. The patch has fixed minor bugs and optimized the gaming performance for the users. 

Besides that, game updates are often available as the device is still in working progress.  

Pokemon Go Plus + is a newly launched device, and users complain about glitches and errors. It would be better if users were patient and waited for Nintendo’s response. 

7. Use Compatible Devices

If users want to access all the features of the Pokemon Go Plus + device, including the Sleep Mode, try using compatible devices that meet the game’s requirements. 

Otherwise, try switching to a phone with at least iOS 7 and Android 6.

Users should also have at least 2GB of RAM, a minimum resolution of 720×1290 pixels.

Moreover, you should not jailbreak or root your smartphones.

Also, ensure the GPS and location services are working on your device.

8. Check The Battery Percentage

Before using the Sleep Mode feature, the battery percentage in phones and Pokemon Go Plus+ should be higher.

Furthermore, connect your devices to the charging port or replace the battery if you face continuous drainage problems.

The Bottom Line 

Pokemon Go Plus + is an excellent device to catch Pokemon even when you are not using your smartphone constantly.

However, users are facing  Sleep Mode problems lately.

You may have a faulty or damaged device if none of these solutions work.

In that case, you should contact the Pokemon Support team and explain your issue.

They may be able to help you with repairing or replacing your device

Read more to learn ways to fix the Pokemon Go Plus Plus auto-catching error.
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