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How To Obtain The Forbidden Wish Shader?

Many players are excited as Destiny 2 introduces a new secret shader known as the Forbidden Wish shader.

Players are trying to complete the challenging final puzzle to get this Wish Shader, but there is an easy way to obtain it.

To obtain the Forbidden Wish shader, you must unlock the Final Opaque Card, collect the three green balls of fire and dunk the green flames into three dishes, which will take you to the final puzzle of the Imbaru Engine.

Continue reading to find out how to obtain the Forbidden Wish shader in the Imbaru Engine Final puzzle.

Destiny 2 Imbaru Engine Final Puzzle

The Forbidden Wish Shader is the ultimate reward after completing the final puzzle in Destiny 2.

The Final puzzle in Destiny 2 is the Imbaru Engine Navigation Test, where you must navigate a total of 4 mirrors.

Furthermore, the Imbaru Engine mission is part of the Season of the Witch, released on August 22, 2023, in Destiny 2.

The Forbidden Wish shader has a cool bone look on the plating and splattered blood on the cloth.

Hence, this shader will transform your armor and weapons into visually attractive gear.

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How To Obtain The Forbidden Wish Shader?

To get this amazing Forbidden Wish Shader, you must complete all sections of the Imbaru engine mission.

Next, you must get to the final room of the Imbaru Engine to collect the shader.

1. Unlock The Final Opaque Card

When you get to Savathun’s throne world, you must look for a final opaque card and unlock it.

To unlock the final opaque card, you must open up the Alters of Summoning in the Savathun’s throne world.

In addition, you will encounter enemies while searching for the card, so first kill them.

Now look for a large tower in the back area of the Altar of Feracity in the Altar of Summoning.

final opaque card
You must open the Alters of Summoning to unlock the final opaque card.

You will see a golden flame on the top of the pillar, so jump to discover and collect the final opaque card.

Moreover, you must quickly return to the helm and activate the card at Aeris M’s Table.

2. Find The First Green Flame

The next task to complete the Imbaru Engine mission is to find three green balls of fire.

As you find the three green flames, you will complete the Part The Mist task of the Imbaru engine puzzle.

Furthermore, you will have the three green balls of fire until the end of the puzzle to burn the flames in the mist later.

You must go to the Savathun Spire to find the first green flame of fire.

green flame
Activate the deep-site orbs, creating platforms for you that lead to the green flames.

In the Savathun’s spire, you will encounter Solar Votarists, so your next task is eliminating them.

Next, you must traverse the labyrinth in the Savathun’s spire, which has a bridge with big pendulums swinging left and right.

As you reach the final room, look around to find a deep-sight activation orb and activate it.

Now, go to the opposite side of the bridge with swinging pendulums to find the first green flame.

3. Obtain The Second Green Flame 

The second green flame can be found in the Altars of Summoning after a boss fight.

When you defeat the boss, you will spawn in an area with a second deep site activation orb, so activate it.

As you activate the orb, new platforms will form, leading to the second green flame.

Hence, jump to the platform and follow the path to find and collect the second green flame.

4. Acquire The Final Green Flame 

The final green flame is in the Imbaru engine, so go to the first puzzle room, which is full of chests appearing on the wall.

Furthermore, you must find and activate the third deep site activation orb on the floor of the first puzzle room.

It will again make the platforms appear that will directly lead you to the third green flame.

Hence, the third green flame is on the top of the wall of the first puzzle room.

5. Activate The Hive Runes 

After you collected all three green flames, you must go to the top floor and dunk the green flames into three dishes.

Furthermore, this will trigger the Imbaru Engine and spawn you to the final puzzle room.

The Final puzzle is to Complete the test of truth and lies, which is very challenging.

forbidden wish shader
You can activate the hive runes to get the Forbidden Wish Shader.

But if you just want to get the Emblem and the Forbidden Wish shader, activate the hive runes on the wall.

In addition, search for a glowing triangle podium in the middle of the room and hit it after you activate the runes.

This will trigger a cutscene, and then you will obtain the Twisted space emblem and the Forbidden Wish Shader.

The Bottom Line

The Destiny 2 Imbaru Engine mission is very exciting, and you can earn yourself the hidden Forbidden Wish shader.

Excitingly, you can uncover the secrets hinting at the 15th wish in the final cutscene as you obtain the shader.

So follow the steps to get the Forbidden Wish shader and the Emblem without completing the Imbaru final puzzle.

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