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Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown Ending: Defeating Final Boss

Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown is a game where you are spawned as Sargon and have to rescue Prince.

After the prince is kidnapped, Sargon and the Immortals journey to Mount Qaf to rescue him.

Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown Ending is where you, as Sargon, will return to the city of Persia with the Prince and reveal the secret of the King’s murderer. Before that, you will face the final boss: Varham. After defeating Varham, you can access the End Portal leading you to Persia.

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What Is Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown Ending?

Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown Ending refers to the last part of the game where you must defeat the final boss.

This game has a long story, and to reach the ending, it takes time as you need to defeat all 15 bosses.

Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown Ending
Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown ends with Sargon sitting beside a pool in the Persia Castle.

Hence, make sure to take time and defeat all of them as you won’t be able to reach the ending without it.

The game’s story ends with a reveal of Truth which indicates the real murderer of the Persia’s King.

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How Long Does It Take To Complete The Lost Crown?

If you want to complete Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, it will take 20 hours of gameplay.

It’ll depend on how much side content you did before going for the final boss as it makes it easy to deal.

If you mainline it and aim to finish the rest of the content, there are easily another five or six hours left.

Ubisoft previously claimed that The Lost Crown takes around 25 hours to finish, which seems like a good estimate.

How To Defeat Vahram: The Final Boss?

From the start, Sargon has encountered multiple worthy rulers to stop Vahram from destroying the world.

Being the last antagonist to deal with, Vahram is Persia’s mastermind of evil happenings.

Vahram The Final Boss
An image of the Final Boss, Vahram In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown.

Here is a step-by-step guide to capturing the final boos in The Lost Crown;

1. Defeat 15 Bosses

Sticking to the Main Storyline is crucial to completing the walkthrough and solving quests and mysteries alongside.

Therefore, below is a list of villains Sargon must defeat to fight Vahram;

  • General Uvishka
  • Sword Master
  • Undead Prisoner
  • Erlik
  • Jahandar
  • Alternate Sargon
  • Giant Crab
  • Jailer
  • Mimic Treasure
  • Kaina
  • Azhdaha
  • Orod
  • Undead Erlik
  • Menolias
  • King Darius

2. Understanding Vahram’s Attacks

Vahram has various powers such as Teleportation and wing attacks, which the player needs to grind for hours to defeat.

Vahram can’t be killed in a single fight, as soon as health decreases, it gains control over time and starts battle again.

Vahram's Attacks
An image of the Wings Attack of the Vahram.

3. Use Magical Blue Stones

As a result of being unable to kill Vahram, it’s like a loop of him getting recharged for continuous fights.

Therefore, try wiping out magical blue stones that spawn when the boss gets destroyed to end the fight.

4. Final Ending

As soon as Vahram is defeated, it enters the dark portal and disappears into particle form.

Sargon, our protagonist rescues the prince and takes him back to the kingdom as per the quest of Persia.

The Final Ending
Portal which exits the Vahram’s realm and leads to the Persia.

The Bottom Line

This is the game’s true ending, and post-credit scenes appear as a short scroll and are shown as a storyline.

Therefore, follow the ways to defeat Varham, the Final boss, and complete the Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown Ending.

After reaching the city of Persia, there is a cutscene where Sargon will reveal the true murderer of the King.

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