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Safe And Unsafe Mode Of Railgun In Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 players are speculating about the unusual settings options in the RS-422 Railgun.

While there are several setting options for other guns, the Railgun has two unique and confusing settings options.

But before moving on to changing the settings, players must first unlock the Railgun in Helldivers 2.

Continue reading to find out more about Railgun and the safe or unsafe mode of Railgun in Helldivers 2.

What Is Rs-422 Railgun In Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, the Rs-422 Railgun is a really strong weapon that shoots powerful shots using magnetic force.

Furthermore, It is also one of the fastest killing and best guns you can get in Helldivers 2.

Rs-422 Railgun is one of the game’s S-tier weapons with high damage capabilities.

In addition, the Railgun has long-range scopes, making it perfect for precision shots in the game.

Some other S-tier weapons in Helldivers 2 are the LAS-5 Scythe Beam Rifle, the JAR-5 Dominator Rifle, and the MG-43 Machine Gun.

Similarly, the RS-422 Railgun is an experimental weapon that is best at prioritizing armor penetration.

Stats Of Rs-422 Railgun

Even though the Railgun is very powerful and can penetrate through enemies’ armor, it must be charged between shots.

This means players must be very careful at choosing targets while using the Railgun as they get few chances for perfect shots.

The RS-422 Railgun call-in time is 3 seconds, so if you shoot with it, make sure the first bullet hits the enemy.

Moreover, the Railgun has unlimited uses and has a cooldown time of 480 seconds in Helldivers 2.

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How To Obtain Railgun In Helldivers 2?

Railgun is one of the locked guns in Helldivers 2 that players must unlock to obtain it.

To obtain Railgun, players must go to the ship management system in the under-construction area.

Next players must press E and go to the Stratagems Section.

In the stratagems section players can browse the Patriotic Administration Center to find out the prerequisites for obtaining guns.

Unlock Railgun in Helldivers 2
Players can unlock the Railgun after reaching level 20 in Helldivers 2.

Players can find the stats for guns like Machine Guns, Stalwarts, Recoilless Rifles, Autocannon, Spears, etc.

Each of these guns has descriptions, stats, and stratagems traits listed in this section.

Moreover, players can also check how they can obtain certain guns in Helldivers 2 in the Strategems section.

Hence, to unlock the RS-422 Railgun players must reach at least level 20 in Helldivers 2.

Location Of Railgun In Helldivers 2

Players can find the railgun in Helldivers 2 during the mission of eliminating Brood Commander.

Furthermore, the railgun is available inside the loot boxes on the way to find the Terminid Brood Commander.

Obtain Railgun in Helldivers 2
Players can obtain the Railgun in the loots during the exterminate Brood commander mission.

Hence, it is important to look for supplies and samples while exploring the place for any mission.

The Safe And Unsafe Mode Of Railgun In Helldivers 2

The Railgun from the Strategems section has created quite a buzz in the Helldivers community.

While the railgun may sound just like another S-tier weapon in the game, it has a unique setting.

In Helldivers 2, many weapons have different ways to use them and come with various modes or settings.

For instance, you can change things like how fast they shoot or if they have a flashlight or scope zoom.

However, the railgun stands out among the other guns as it has only one choice safe or unsafe.

The only option of safe or unsafe in the Railgun makes players wonder what these settings do in the game.

Players are intrigued to know what this choice does and how it affects the game.

Thus, players are speculating about it via Reddit and Steam to discover what these game settings change.

Using Railgun In The Unsafe Mode 

When you use the Railgun in unsafe mode, you can make it shoot even stronger by charging it up more than usual.

This means you can charge the weapon beyond its standard capacity in unsafe mode.

Hence, this overloading of energy can deal heavy damage to the enemy but it can also deal some damage to you.

Even though charging the Railgun in unsafe mode makes it super powerful, it has one drawback.

If you charge the Railgun too much in unsafe mode, it can go very very wrong.

Charging the railgun beyond a certain limit will indeed unleash its full potential but at a cost.

When the railgun gets charged and overpowered with unsafe mode, it explodes and kills both enemies and you.

Hence, using the railgun in unsafe mode is a high-stakes gamble.

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