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Purple Sword Lego Fortnite: Steps To Craft It

Players are trying to get their hands on a purple sword in Lego Fortnite by crafting it.

There are various types of swords in Lego Fortnite, among which the purple swords have epic rarity.

Purple sword in Lego Fortnite is a Longsword type that players can specifically use in melee combats and close-ranged fights with its high damage power of 9.
Continue reading more about the purple swords in Lego Fortnite.

What Is Purple Sword In Lego Fortnite?

The purple sword is one of the Longsword in Lego Fortnite which has Melee class for combat.

Moreover, this sword has a rarity class of Epic and a damage power of 9, which is the highest among the swords.

Similarly, players can use this sword for close-ranged combats for inflicting more damage on the enemies.

Upgrading Crafting Table
Upgrading Crafting Table to epic tier three class.

In the same way, you can create this sword using the Epic Crafting Table recipe.

Additionally, players can get this recipe after upgrading the Crafting Table to tier three.

How To Craft The Purple Sword In Lego Fortnite?

Players can easily craft the epic purple longsword if they collect all the required items.

Similarly, you can take the following steps to craft the purple longsword in Lego Fortnite:

1. Upgrade The Crafting Table

Players need to upgrade the crafting table to tier three which is epic class.

Moreover, you will need the following list of items to upgrade the crafting table:

  1. Copper Bars: Players will need 15 copper bars which they can get from the Dry Valley using Uncommon Pickaxe.
  2. Obsidian Slabs: You can find obsidian in Dry Valley using a Rare Pickaxe and crafting it into 25 Obsidian Slabs using the Stonebreaker.
  3. Brute Scale: Players will have to defeat a Brute in the Grasslands biome to get one Brute scale.

Similarly, after getting all these items, you can upgrade the Crafting table to Epic tier three class.

2. Craft Epic Pickaxe

Players will now have to craft the epic pickaxe which they will need to mine Iron deposits.

Additionally, you will need the following items to craft the Pickaxe:

  1. Obsidian Slabs: Players need 8 obsidian slabs.
  2. Frostpine Rods: You can find Frostpine in Frostlands by chopping them with Epic Forest Axe and crafting 8 Frostpine Rods using the Lumber Mill.

Furthermore, players can craft the Lumber Mill using 8 Wood and 15 Granite from the Utility Stations menu.

3. Find The Iron Deposits

Players need to find the Iron Deposits in the Snow caves of Frostlands.

Similarly, you will need the Frost Resistance in the caves and can use Torches to navigate your way.

Moreover, players can get the Iron Deposits by mining in the higher areas of caves and cave ceilings.

Iron Deposits
Mining the Iron Deposits in the snow caves of Frostlands.

4. Use The Metal Smelter

Players will now need to convert the raw Iron Deposits into Iron Bars.

Additionally, you have to use the Metal Smelter to craft 12 Iron Bars for making a purple longsword.

5. Craft The Sword Using Epic Crafting Table

Players will have to place the 12 Iron Bars on the Epic Crafting table to get the Longsword recipe.

Similarly, you should now click on the Crafting Bench menu and then open the Longsword option.

In the same way, players need to click on the Craft option to get the epic purple sword.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the purple sword in Lego Fortnite is a special item for the players with epic rarity and the highest damage power.

Moreover, players can easily craft this sword by upgrading the crafting table and using other in-game items without spending any money.

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