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How To Perform Duplication Glitch In BG3?

There is a duplication glitch in Baldur’s Gate 3 where players can duplicate any item.

Many players are willing to exploit the glitch but are unaware of the technique.

The duplication glitch in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be replicated through the help of Gale and a trip to the camp. Furthermore, this glitch allows the players to duplicate any item, which can also be legendary. 

Continue reading the article to discover more about the duplication glitch and how to perform it in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is The Duplication Glitch In Bg3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, players can encounter a duplication glitch that allows players to gain multiple items.

However, players must steal the duplicated item from the character to use it on other characters.

Furthermore, this glitch requires players to fulfill certain criteria. But, the requirements are not as hard to fulfill as in other games.

This glitch may allow players to obtain an extra set of legendary weapons and gear pieces.

Additionally, the glitch seems to have existed since early access, and somehow it made it into the full release.

However, even though the glitch has existed since the early access, it is still an exploit, and there can be repercussions for exploiting this glitch.

Thus, we advise players not to perform this exploit because you may get flagged and even lose your accounts.

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How To Perform The Duplication Glitch In Bg3?

The duplication glitch is seemingly easy to replicate. Follow these steps to perform the duplication glitch in Baldur’s Gate 3;

  1. Meet Gale and recruit him to your party. You will meet Gale at the Roadside Cliff in Act 1.
  2. Equip any item you want on Gale.
duplication glitch Bg3
Equip any item you want to duplicate using Gale.
  1. Use Gale’s mirror image skill. After you create a mirror image, head back to camp.
Find mirror image of Gale in camp Bg3
You will find the mirror image of Gale in the camp.
  1. Take a Long rest. When you wake up, the mirror image should still be up.
Rest in camp perform duplication glitch Bg3
Rest in the camp to perform the duplication glitch.
  1. Use any character with proficiency in stealing and stealing the items from the mirror image.
Gale's Mirror Image
Steal the items after performing the duplication glitch in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  1. Collect the Duplicate item and insert it in the inventory.
Items glitch in bg3
Stolen items will be in your inventory after performing the duplication glitch.

However, a quick disclaimer, the developers will most probably bring a patch out sooner or later for this glitch.

Furthermore, once more, we advise players not to exploit glitches because this can cause their accounts to be banned by the developers for misconduct.

The Bottom Line

Glitches will and are always present in every game. However, the severity of such glitches depends on how exploitable they are.

In the case of the item duplication glitch, it can cause multiple issues in how players go through the game’s story.

In Bg3, gaining any legendary item is a huge power spike; thus, duplicating these items can completely destroy the game balance.

Hopefully, this article can help you duplicate your items and tip the balance in your favor.

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