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Raven Team Leader Gyatt: Exploring The Epic Rarity

Fans are now obsessing over Raven Team Leader Gyatt, a new trend among players.

However, she has gained popularity in a short period among Fortnite fans.

Raven Team Leader Gyatt is a fan-made fictional character with the combination of Raven Team Leader, and Gyatt emote with black and purple feathers, yellow eyes and a purple outfit.

Continue reading to learn more about Raven Team Leader Gyatt and how to obtain it in Fortnite.

Raven Team Leader In Fortnite

Raven Team Leader is a playable character skin, a fusion of two popular skins from previous seasons.

Therefore, she has two selectable styles: Raven Team Leader and Cuddly Raven Team Leader.

In the Raven Team Leader style, the character looks dark and brooding.

Her face is covered with a pink heart mask; she also wears Raven’s black cloak and hood.

Whereas the Cuddly Raven Team Leader style, their appearance is more playful and innocent.

She wears a pink and black onesie with a Raven-themed hood.

Therefore, you can choose a regular Raven or a more cuddly one. 

purchase or gift
You can either purchase Raven Team Leader or gift to friends as well.
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How To Obtain Raven Team Leader?

You can purchase the Raven Team Leader skin from the Nevermore Hearts Pack from the Item Shop.

The Nevermore Hearts Pack also includes the Cuddly Raven Team Leader Style and the Nevermore Heart back bling.

To purchase the Nevermore Hearts Pack, you need V-bucks, money you use in Fortnite.

Once you have enough V-bucks, follow these steps to purchase and add it to your inventory.

  1. Open the Item Shop and navigate to the Featured tab.
  2. Find the Nevermore Hearts Pack and click on it.
  3. Click on the Purchase button and confirm your purchase.

After that, it will automatically add to your inventory, which you can equip in the Locker menu.

Raven Team Leader Gyatt

Raven Team Leader Gyatt is a character made by fans by fusing Raven Team Leader and Gyatt emote.

Gyatt emote is a dance move that features the player character making a silly face and waving their arms in the air.

She is also featured in fan art, cosplay, and Fortnite creative maps.

featured in a fan art
Raven Team Leader Gyatt is featured in fan art.

This character does not have any official abilities in the game.

However, some fans have speculated that she could have some of the following abilities:

  • Gyatt Aura: A passive ability which makes enemies around feel silly and distracted, making them easier to defeat.
  • Gyatt Dash: An ability which allows her to dash forward and perform a Gyatt dance move, knocking back enemies in her path.
  • Gyatt Force Field: An ability which creates a temporary force field around her, protecting her from damage.

Therefore, these abilities are fan-made, and Epic Games has not confirmed this.

However, this would be a fun and unique addition to the game and even fit with Raven’s silly and playful personality.

The Bottom Line

Raven Team Leader is a regular playable character with no special abilities and the same stats and abilities as other skin.

However, her unique appearance and design make her a popular player choice.

Some players are still really into Raven’s Gyatt, while some are confused about why they are obsessing over a fictional character.

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