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How To Get Baldurs Gate 3 Hag Eye?

Baldurs Gate 3 Hag Eye is one of the precious Eye gear to use.

The Hag Eye can be obtained as a gift by completing a Quest. 

Baldurs Gate 3 Hag Eye is an exclusive item Hag uses to spy on others. The Hag Eye is obtained after making a Deal with Auntie Ethel in exchange for the Character’s Eye at the  Riverside Tea House.

Continure Reading to find the location and the Procedure to extract the Hag Eye. 

What Is Baldurs Gate 3 Hag Eye?

Baldurs Gate 3 Hag Eye is one of the magical and essential items.

Moreover, the Hag Eye is an eye-gear that helps to spy on other characters.

Players  can obtain the Hag Eye as a gift from Auntie Ethel.

Auntie Ethel is one of the Horrendous Hag and an in-game NPC.

Furthermore, The game’s NPC guides players for future events or a potential boss. 

However, in this case, the dangerous Hag acts as a merchant to trade the item. 

Players must trade there with Auntie Ethel to use the Hag Eye.

In this event, Auntie Ethel offers to kiss the player’s eye to assist their Tadpole issue

However, it is better not to trade the Eye for the Hag Eye as it will leave players with a blind spot in their eyes.

It is one of the most complex decisions to make in the game.

Nonetheless, if Players are desperate and willing to use the Hag Eye, they can opt for it. 

Ethel is a Hag and one of the Potent bosses with a higher health percentage and Abilities in combat.

Further, Players can only interact with Auntie in Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Players can search for the Potent Hag in Druid Grove and Sunlit Wetlands, also known as Putrid Bog.

How To Get The Hag Eye?

If Players are changing the event sequence and opting for a Hag Eye from Auntie Ethel, kindly follow the given Procedure, 

  1. Head towards the Riverside Tea House in the Sunlit Wetlands.
Riverside Tea House
Entering the Riverside Tea House in the Sunlit Wetlands.
  1. Interact with the Aunty Ethel inside the Teahouse.
Auntie Ethel
Approaching the Hag in the Tea House.
  1. When asked for the Peepers by Had, pick You Have a Deal Option and select the Eye you want to Trade. 
baldurs gate 3 hag eye
Selecting You Have A Deal option. 
  1. Obtaining the Hag Eye from Auntie Ethel.
baldurs gate 3 hag eye
Obtaining the Hag Eye from the Witch.

Furthermore, even after getting the Hag Eye, the Hag does not solve your Tadpole Problem. 

However, she will possess players and provides abilities like Bear Endurance and the Eagle Splendor.

In Contrast, Players will get an advantage in every single combat until the next long rest. 

Unfortunately, the players will have a wrong perception and have a significant disadvantage while battling Auntie Ethel.

Furthermore, if Players are willing to regain their Eye, they should kill her in the Lair to save Mariana. 

The Bottom Line

Hag Eye in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a powerful item Auntie Ethel uses to spy on others.

Further, to receive the Hag Eye, players must sacrifice one of their eyes to the Hag.

However, the Deal is not worth it as Players will have a disadvantage over Hag and have a Blind-spot in Eye. 

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