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How To Get The Ravenous Medallion In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 is a souls-like game from Gunfire Games that allows players to traverse a land filled with monsters and bosses to find and gend off against. 

Furthermore, the game is a sequel to Remnant from the same developers.

Ravenous Medallion is a quest item in Remnant 2. Players can find the Ravenous Medallion in the kitchen of the Great Halls. However, the spawn location for the Medallion is a bit more dangerous than players expect it to be. 

You can pre-order the game; however, many content creators are already playing the game.

Continue reading the article to discover where to find the Ravenous Medallion in Remnant 2.

What Is Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 is an action RPG that contains systems similar to Souls-like games like Dark Souls and Elden Ring.

In Remnant 2, players are a handful of survivors who go into the depths to stop evil from destroying reality.

Furthermore, they can play the game either solo or with two other friends.

The developers of the game are Gunfire Games, while the publishers are GearBox Publishing.

Additionally, Gunfire Games are the developers for previous Remnant titles and Darksiders 2 and 3.

The developers have a great portfolio in the game development area. However, GearBox Publishing does not share the same limelight.

What Is Ravenous Medallion In Remnant 2?

Ravenous Medallion is a quest item that players can obtain. Quest items allow players to interact with certain NPCs or mechanics of the game.

Furthermore, quest items can be integral in progressing the main story quests and allow the users to unlock certain weapons or gear pieces.  

Obtaining the Ravenous medallion
The Ravenous Medallion is a quest item in Remnant 2

Players can offer the Ravenous Medallion to Nightweaver’s web to obtain a Decrepit Rune.

Furthermore, they can trade the Medallion with Nimu to obtain a Rune Pistol.

The Medallion will disappear after the player trades or offers the Medallion to obtain either the Decript Rune or the Rune Pistol.

Thus, players need to choose according to their current requirements.

How To Get Ravenous Medallion In Remnant 2? 

Players can obtain the Medallion in the kitchen area of the Great Hall at Losomn. However, that is the short part of obtaining the Medallion.

When players enter the kitchen area of the Great Halls, they will find two locked doors.

From within the doors, they will hear the sounds of people being eaten.

They must look around the Kitchen area, where they will find the Ravenous Medallion lying on a table in the kitchen.

Additionally, players claim that they can find the Ravenous Medallion near the area of the two locked doors.

The Ravenous Medallion allows the players to unlock the locked door to the Great Hall to start The Feast Event.”

Use ravenous medallion to unlock the door
Unlock the door to “The Feast quest” using the Ravenous Medallion.

The Bottom Line

Remnant 2 is still a new game; thus, much information about the game is still in its early phases.

However, players with early access to the game create various guides to help others.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in finding the Ravenous Medallion and progressing through the story of Remnant 2.

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